What to Bring on Your Next Tropical Vacation

Whether you are traveling to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Seychelles, or any other tropical destination, you need to pack for the occasion. Tropical vacations can be so exciting that you may forget some important items during your packing. Here’s an extensive packing list to help you out:

Travel Documents

Travel documents are the topmost items on this list because without them you cannot leave for your vacation so to speak. Ensure you have your passports, cruise documentation, flight boarding documents, driving license, hotel reservation confirmations, medical insurance card, travel insurance, cash or credit cards, luggage tags, and any other documents that you may be required to have.


There’s no tropical vacation without a swimsuit. Depending on your preference, pack one and two-piece swimsuits. Invest in plain, floral, striped, and patterned swimsuits for your vacation.

Swimsuit Cover-Up

Since you will be wearing a swimsuit, a light cover-up should also be on your packing list. There are many types of cover-ups that you can choose from. You can get some as shirts, dresses, or a simple fabric that you can tie around the waist or bust.


Sundresses are important resort wear for women. They are light and airy, allowing your body to relish in the beautiful weather. The best thing about these dresses is that they don’t take much space in a suitcase.


The weather at the beach can get too hot, so a sunhat is the best cover for your face. You will need a sunhat for most of your stay, thus it is a must-pack item. You can get them in different styles and materials. For instance, a straw hat is a favorite for most vacationers.


Sunglasses can never miss in a beach vacation packing list. With the sun up all day, the brightness can hurt your eyes and get in the way of your fun. You can get sunglasses in all shades and styles. Whether you want them rounded, heart-shaped, or frameless, you can find one to suit your style.


Being away from work or school, you will not need heels or sneakers often. Therefore, sandals are a better fit for hot and humid weather. With sandals, your feet will breathe and air just like they should during vacation. Sandals also make walks at the beach even more worthwhile.

Beach Towel

If you are picking out a beach towel, go for a big one. A big beach towel will accommodate your whole body when tanning under the sun. A small one can do the job, but will not keep your body out of the sand.

Lightweight Jacket

In the evenings, the weather could be a bit too breezy for comfort. Having a lightweight jacket will be a good fit for such occasions.

Exercise Clothes

If you are a workout enthusiast and want to work out during your vacation, then you shouldn’t forget your workout clothes. Unlike your usual workout clothes, go for breathable ones because of humidity, which can make it unbearable if you wear synthetic ones.

Water Bottle

You will need to carry your water bottle at all times if you want to stay hydrated. While a regular water bottle can work just fine, you can get vacuum insulated water bottles, which keep your drink cold at all times.


Apart from sandals, you may need workout shoes if you will be hitting the gym. Heels and wedges are also must-haves for dinner parties or any formal event that you may be attending during your vacation. While packing, ensure to pair your shoes with the outfits you will be carrying.


First and foremost, you will need to buy lots of sunscreen for your trip. Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, detangling brush, deodorant, nail clippers, body lotion, bug repellent, makeup remover, and styling products.


To capture all the beautiful moments of your vacation, you will have to carry your electronics with you. You will need your cellphone and charger, laptop and charger, headphones, waterproof case for your phone, and waterproof or sand proof speakers for entertainment.

Books or Kindle

If you are a book lover, then you know vacation equals catching up with your interesting reads by the beach. Whether you love romance, thrillers, or positive thinking books, don’t forget to bring them along in your next tropical vacation.

Beach Bag

To carry all your essential items to the beach, you will need a beach bag. Beach bags come in many designs, and you can surely get one that piques your interest.

Packing appropriately for your tropical vacation is the first step to enjoying your stay. With our packing list, we hope you will not miss packing any important item for your next travel. Browse for resort wear.

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