What Looks Great and Beneficial for Health But is Not a Food?


Puzzled? Generally, healthy things do not look great. For example; bitter gourd juice. Yuck… Anyhow, let’s forget that and start all over again. Today we are talking about one of our most loved things- jewelry and to be specific- silver jewelry. Silver has been used in India since ages. In old times, silver was used to make utensils too, we guess because they knew the health benefits of silver. Our ancient books, figurines, and paintings are the living proof of the fact that silver has been a preference for making jewelry. Even men used to adorn silver jewelry beautifully. They would wear armlet and KADA made out of silver. While gold and other jewels were the luxuries for the rich people, silver was poor man’s friend.

When we see around, we can still see the importance of silver in our marriages and other rituals. Silver coins are all time favorite gifts in the Indian marriages. Silver is considered to be the most sparkling metal used for making jewelry. The young generation is inclined more towards the use of silver than gold and as icing on the cake; silver is not as expensive as gold or platinum. Gold and platinum have been the over-rated metals but now, silver has replaced them for good. Let us discuss the reasons why silver jewelry is the best one to pick.

#1. Contemporary and aesthetic: Silver jewelry is gaining so much popularity nowadays, young girls are going crazy for them. You can find every ornament from head to toe made out of silver; earrings, rings, anklet, chains, bangles, etc. As mentioned before, it has a unique appeal, it has an aura of its own that makes it divine. Silver looks good on every occasion. It does not become gaudy like the gold.

#2. Widely available: Silver is available everywhere. No matter where you live, you can always have hands on some silver jewelry pieces. In some cultural cities, you can also find antique silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is also available on online stores like rajsi.

#3. Budget friendly: As compared to gold and other precious metals, silver is more towards budget friendliness. Attractive jewelry and easy affordability are the two buddies of a woman and in silver, she can find a blend of both. Silver is an economical choice for many Indian families.

#4. Wide range: Silver can be molded to form any ornament to complement the beauty of a woman. It is easily available in various shapes, sizes, patterns and quality. You can opt from a great variety as per your preference. Since they are not so costly, you can collect many statement pieces for your jewel box.

#5. Resilience: Silver ornaments are sturdy and they do not deform over the time. For some people, jewelry is for the lifetime and silver makes an excellent option for such people. Yes, it loses shine after a period of time but again which thing does not? They can easily be cleaned and polished at regular intervals and each time they are polished, a new life is revived into them. The polish or repair cost is also very affordable.

#6. No discrimination: Silver is one metal which looks equally good on people of different colors, ages, and genders. Many people complain that gold makes them look yellow, that is not the case with silver. You can see your grandma flaunting a silver jewelry and look as fascinating as the youngest member of your family. It looks good on men too.

#7: No discrimination 2: Silver looks good on every person, at the same time, it looks good on every dress too. They are traditional and modern at the same time. Whether you are wearing suit or jumpsuit, silver would add charms to your look. It goes well with different gemstones too, you can try out different color stones and silver would ravishingly embrace them. No matter you are going for a business meet or friend’s marriage, silver is one thing that you can always count on.

#8. Lightweight: They look heavy, but actually they are not, can anything be better than this? We do not think so. While the silver JHUMKAS give you a royal look, they are absolutely light and you would not feel any pain or uneasiness while wearing them. The same thing goes for silver bangles and anklets. This is another reason silver has gained so much popularity among young girls.

#9. Purity: While browsing silver jewelry online, you will often find the term ‘sterling silver’. These are the jewelry grade silver that is 92.5% pure and other metals like copper are mixed in it to make the jewelry robust, durable and pleasing. While the chances of contamination in other metals are more, for silver jewelry there is practically none.

#10. Skin-friendly: Many people who have sensitive skin, they complain that wearing jewelry gives them rashes and red bumps. Silver is highly non-reactive metal and pretty neutral on skin. Many sensitive skin beauties can carry it well.

#11. Investment: Silver makes a wise future investment too. You can buy silver coins or bars. When observed over a period of time, silver shows greater percentage increase as compared to other metals. When the price of gold doubles, it triples for silver (In some market over a definite period of time). Silver has manifold applications like industrial use and exchange system. As such, the prices of silver would go high in the future.

#12. A humble Gift: Silver jewelry are good for gifting, they are not too expensive and deliver the message too. You can gift them to a colleague, a family member or a friend.

Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver is not all about looks, it is beneficial for health too and the statement is not based on spirituality, it is a scientifically proven fact. Let us see how silver helps to boost our health and then discover the reason behind it.

  1. Silver is antibacterial, it makes our body immune towards common cold and other bacterial diseases.
  2. Silver stimulates positive energy in the body, it helps in blood circulation too.
  3. Silver is a healer too. It can cure cuts and burns on the skin.
  4. It acts as a painkiller for sore muscles.
  5. It concentrates our thoughts.
  6. It also acts as a guard against the radiations from the cellphones.

The silver is so beneficial for health because of the science behind it. It is a good electrical and thermal conductor. It creates a positive electric field around the body. The radiations from electromagnetic devices like cell phones are reflected back and they cannot reach to the body.

The positive field stimulates the functioning of the body much like a kick, and blood circulation becomes better, the body heals fast and the person can focus his mind efficiently.

Explaining the antibacterial properties, the positive field around the body is due to positively charged silver ions which combine with the negative oxygen receptors in bacteria, resulting in killing them.


Next time when you go out to buy a jewelry, do not just see the brightness of silver, see the health treasure that it is carrying along. Whether you want to look good in your sister’s sangeet or you want a daily wear ring, you will find the best, latest, economical and durable jewelry in silver section only. Experiment a little and mix-n-match your silver jewelry with white gold and platinum ones. Silver is becoming popular among your favorite Tv and movie stars too. Nowadays, clothes are also made out of silver. In silver you will find a godly combination of looks, affordability, and health, so do miss out on getting your hands on at least one silver ornament. They are totally worth it!

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