What Kind Of Home Care Service Do You Need?

Modern lifestyle keeps people so much tied up that they hardly find time to look after aging family members who need some special support and care for comfortable living. The modern-day family man has to cope with the heavy demand of home, work, children, and caring for someone who is ill, aged or disabled, which at times can become overwhelming. It is often too much stressful to manage families and tend to the aged or ill at home who needs continued care and support. Many adult children live far away from their parents may be in different cities or states or even in faraway countries.  In all such situations, the services of home care organizations like My all american care can come in handy to look after the aged persons.

Home care service providers are organizations that employ trained and certified caregivers who can provide the support that aged people need with complete care and compassion. The caregivers know how to keep people comfortable by being on their side when they need them the most. Someone who is ill and has lost the ability to do most to their own tasks would need round the clock support. Post-operative home care might be the need of some people who would not like to spend prolonged time in a hospital or medical facility. Arranging for a hospital like care at home is now easy with access to home care services.

Best care at home

Aging adults who love to stay at home but need special assistance are the core group of people that benefit from home care services. With some assistance, they can live independently despite suffering for a chronic illness or having some medical issues. People with a disability must endure lots of hardships to keep going and would find home care services most suited. The best thing about home care is that you get the care and attention you need while living at the place you most love. The caregiver becomes your companion who can ensure safe and healthy living by overcoming the odds that come with age or illness. Those who need therapy and rehabilitative services would do good to call for home care services created just for them.

Types of home care

All home care services are not alike because its nature depends on what people need, but overall, there are some broad categories.

Personal care and companionship – This is the type of care that most aging adults normally need but in varying degrees. Aging does not only show in the physical appearance of people but also gradually limit their abilities to do work. As age progresses, people tend to lose their abilities to perform their daily tasks. Something as simple as dressing or combing can also seem quite difficult to do on their own. They may even need assistance in bathing, preparing meals, and carrying out simple household tasks to enjoy independent living in a safe environment. All such services are part of non-medical home care that also includes home health-aid services and supervision of people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Many people also call it companion care, senior care, assistive care, and homemaker care with the names derived from the kind of care and support provided.

Private duty nursing care – Although you cannot set up a nursing home at home you can replicate its services by callingsome home care company equipped to provide medical and healthcare assistance almost in the same way as nursing homes. Sometimes it happens that people need long term medical care even after completion of treatment in nursing homes or hospitals, but they might not like to spend more time at those places and prefer to go back home to carry on with the medical assistance. Home care services can provide hourly nursing care at home in the long term for those suffering from some injury, illness, or disability.

Trained nurses and health care providers are available round the clock to look after people at home just in the way they do in nursing homes. From monitoring vital signs to administering medicines, the services cover ventilator care, tracheotomy care, feeding tube, and catheter care all being part of the service package. Care for diseases like spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and other serious diseases are also included in the service package.

Home health care – Home health care constitutes short term care after completing treatment and is part of physician-directed care that might be necessary to prevent recurrence of some illness or recover from some injury or surgery faster.  People undergoing major orthopedic surgeries like knee replacement or hip replacement surgeries require the patient to undergo some rehabilitation program after the surgery for some weeks to regain the lost fitness and mobility. The trained and experienced caregivers can implement the rehabilitation program as directed by the physician or surgeon to ensure proper recovery of patients. The services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and short-term nursing services as well as speech-language pathology.

A personal choice

The services provided for personal care and companionship belongs to the non-medical services category and do not require the recommendation or prescription of any doctor. Anyone who feels the need for support and assistance to make their lives a bit more comfortable by overcoming the odds in performing the daily tasks can hire the services designed to meet their needs.

When you need a doctor’s prescription

If someone wants to avail any of the other services like Private Duty Nursing Home care and Home Health care need to have a prescription of a doctor who recommends the type of service.  Private Duty Nursing Home care consists of round the clock service in three shifts and Home care is provided through specialized and certified healthcare providers that can last up to one hour every day until completion of the scheduled program as directed by the doctor.

Some home care companies provide Palliative and Hospice care focused on terminally ill patients who want to spend the last moments of their life at home.

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