What is the Impact of Employee Wellness Programs?


Are you considering investing in executive health plans for your organization but concerned that you will not enjoy a solid return on your investment? A recent study explored the benefits of workplace wellness programs in Canada. The results of this study were as impressive as they were important for all Canadian businesses to understand and address.

The one clear takeaway that may take your breath away is the conclusion that based on the findings of this one study, if all companies adopted wellness programs in Canada like the one in this study, it would represent a savings of $3.6 billion to the Canadian economy.

While that number alone is very impressive, there are other benefits to be counted when companies make employee wellness priorities through innovative employer wellness solutions. One of those benefits being a decrease in absenteeism. In fact, the reduction in absenteeism is between 1.5 and 1.7 days. Even if you only have a few employees those savings can add up quickly. However, if you own a business organization that has 50 or more employees those savings add up even faster. The more people you employ, the bigger the savings for your organization and that’s just for taking advantage of the benefits corporate wellness programs in Canada have to offer. Can you imagine what a difference it can make once you shift from reactive to preventative care within your organization?

The big question employers need to ask at this point, though, is where other cost benefits can be enjoyed by adopting corporate wellness plans for your business. This is just one brief snapshot. One area of focus. It doesn’t address other cost savings like improved productivity, fewer health-related distractions while at work, and the fact that your other workers aren’t left picking up the slack for unhealthy or absent workers – placing their own physical health, mental health, and safety at risk to do so.

Think about it. When you don’t have a full complement of workers, it means everyone else has to work a little harder to get the job done in a day. The work doesn’t go away simply because an employee is not there. Employees who are chronically ill, chronically absent, or frequently distracted by their own health concerns are leaving more work for others to complete in their absence and it costs your organization in lost customers, lower customer satisfaction, poorer quality, and, in some cases, the need for refunds.

How do Executive Health Plans Help?

Most executive health solutions in Toronto offer more than simple health care and access to physicians. They offer invaluable education to employers and employees about various health concerns. They focus on preventative health care rather than simply coming in to put out the medical firestorms once the damage is done. They offer a wide range of diagnostic and preventative choices including things like:

  • Pregnancy and Genetic Testing
  • Executive Health Check Up Visits
  • Executive Health Physicals
  • Executive Health Screenings
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritionists
  • Mental Health Training

And these are just the highlights.

When companies embrace wellness programs in the workplace and provide family wellness programs to employees it helps everyone in the organization stay on top of their health care needs and identify potential health problems before they become very real health hazards – which is very good for your business.

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