What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and What Does it Entail?

Did you know that by the age of 50, 85% of men are balding? If you are currently dealing with watching your own hair fall out slowly then you might be looking into hair replacement for men options. We have put together this short guide to share more about what non-surgical hair replacement is.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of your options when it comes to non surgical hair replacement.

What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

There are two meanings to hair replacement. One of them refers to any type of treatment for male pattern baldness that does not have to involve any type of surgery. This can include a variety of non surgical solutions such as supplements, devices, medications, etc.

The other meaning refers to certain products that are either applied to the scalp or worn to replace the hair that has fallen out because of male pattern baldness. The products can include personalized hair replacement systems or scalp micro-pigmentation.

Hair Replacement Systems

If you opt for a hair replacement system these include wigs and toupées. You can opt for high-quality material that is impossible to tell apart from real hair. There are also hairpieces that have a polyurethane base that will sit against your scalp with human hair or artificial hair.

When you choose a hair system that is made from human hair it can be cut to match your own natural hair to make it blend in well.


One of the main advantages is that you will not have to go under the knife with this option which also means that it costs less because there is no surgery involved. Another advantage is that it is a lot more convenient to go on about your regular routine.

With a surgical procure you will have a recovery time between 1-2 weeks, while a nonsurgical option requires no downtime or recovery time.


One of the disadvantages is that if you choose inexpensive hair it will more than likely look cheap. Choosing a system that looks natural and convincing will cost you a lot more out of pocket. Another disadvantage is that most hair systems are designed to only be used for weeks or months at a time and then you will have to replace them.

Over the long term, this option will add up pretty quickly financially and you will end up investing a lot of time as well. Another disadvantage worth mentioning is that most systems are poorly made and you have to make sure you make your purchase from a reliable company in order to have convincing-looking hair.

Feeling Like a Hair Replacement System Pro?

We hope that now that you know more about what non-surgical hair replacement is you can make an informed decision if this is the route you want to take or not.

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