The melasma is a skin disease and it is caused due to the hot sun rays. This would result in the discoloration in the face. It converts the skin tone to the brown, tan sometimes it looks like blue gray patches. You can find the melasma in the upper cheeks and lips as well as in the forehead and chin. The two main causes for the melasma and particularly for women and they are

1)      During the pregnancy time the women would face many hormonal changes and this would result in the melasma.

2)      It may also affect the skin when you expose them directly to the sun rays.

When you know the problem and find its cause then you can sure finally melasma free and live a healthy and happy life. If you are not interested in the artificial items then you can make use of the natural ingredients.

You can make use of different products as like the lemon, turmeric, aloe Vera gel and the cider vinegar to keep your face to stay free from the Melasma. It is easy for you to apply on your skin and when you are going to apply you can take a little amount of lemon and gently apply on your face and wash it after 15 minutes. As like this you can follow all the things that had been given above and sure within few days you can able to get the best results.

The positive boosters of natural treatments:

·         You can stay away from the side effects.

·         You can use it daily without skipping.

·         No need any purchase or special care.

·         It would cost wise effective.

If you don’t find sufficient time then try to make use of the lotion

When you want to get the fast result then you can consult your physician and get the lotion as per their prescription you can follow it. You can directly take some cream in your hand and gently apply in your face, hand and the leg. It would dry up when you apply so it is not required for you to wash your face after applying it.

·         The Elta MD is the best sunscreen lotion that had been used mostly by all. It acts as like the best protector from the UV rays.

·         The Azelaic acid would help to reduce the level of the pigment that is present in your skin.

These are just the sample lotions but there are more different other types of the lotions are available for dealing with the melasma.  

The advantage of using the sunscreen lotions:

·         You can carry it to all the places.

·         It is not necessary for you to wash the face after applying.

·         You can able to protect as well as safeguard your face.


When you want to buy the lotion at the less cost than it is the best idea to order your lotion through online. You would get an attractive offer for the each lotion that you buy and finally melasma free from your face.

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