Electronic Travel Authorization is the magic wand that has the potential to make the boundary of Australia become invisible to the beholder and empowers travel anywhere in the country possible This ETA was introduced in the year 1996.

An online ETA application for 601 Visa Australia is possible for passport holders of particular countries namely – Brunei, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong (SAR) and Singapore. Though the citizens of Taiwan are also eligible to apply online the following criteria should be kept in mind. They must

  • Have passport with national ID number

  • Approach only through Taiwan travel agents with pre-approval or

  • Consider Australian visa office outside Australia

Australia visa requirements:

Getting a visa on arrival is impossible in Australia as there are no provisions for the same. There are specific visitor visa Subclass 601 requirements that underline the importance of meeting them before entering.

  • Visa should be applied from outside Australia

  • Must be a passport holder of at least 3 months from an eligible country

  • Must adequately prove and meet the expectation that the intention of the visit is purely business calling for a nonpermanent stay

  • Fitness and moral qualities are compatible with the expectations

The above points are not the only ones to consider as there are other applicable requirements. The complexity and often changing Australian immigration laws can be tackled easily if the registered Migration Agent Adelaide are consulted about the requirement for ETA. The suitability of this sound advice cannot be overlooked in obtaining the proper visa as the choice is a valid one. They expertise in the field is due to their – i) concentrated attention at national level ii)specialization in all the functions and process of immigration iii) interest in providing assistance to any type of application whether individual or team application of corporates iv) telling experience of 40 long years v) team support staff’s motivated competent work and vi) high success rate as leading industry. There cannot be any second opinion but to approach Migration Agent Adelaide for any migration solutions.

How does ETA work?

Depending on the eligibility criteria it is possible to get visitor visa Subclass 601. Form filling gets completed with the individual’s name in full, nationality address and a contact telephone number. All the relevant data about document number and issue/ expiry dates as found in the passport information page are also collected.

Before any processing for 601, the Visa Australia application takes place, the health and character requirements as per the law of the land expect, will be thoroughly checked. This is imperative as anyone who had served more than a year’s jail imprisonment will be out rightly find their application for ETA rejected.

Then comes the checking of the solemn intention of the individual’s travel namely- tourism or business and obtainment of credit/ debit card details to procure the visa fee. After all these formalities are over, the current email address is sought to reach the applicant as a mode for dispatching the ETA subject to its approval.

As of 1st September 2015, Australia has banned the use of visa stickers and adopted the policy of issuing and mandatorily recording the visa particulars electronically. Towards this goal, 601 visa Australia is collected in the immigration database which is linked to the passport number. This ensures that no stickers or labels or stamps find their place in the passport before the applicant travels to Australia. Internet serves as the media for application processing and the receipt takes the place of the actual visa. Now all that has to be done by the visitor is to carry the visa information in the receipt as a mobile stored data or in the printed form. For all the technical purposes, the immigration database has all the relevant migration information.

Areas covered by an ETA

As a visitor of tourism or an individual with business activities to be carried out in Australia visitor visa subclass entitles one too –

  • Enjoy the vacation

  • Cruise in Australia from the date of entry till the time of allowed stay in Australia

  • Familial or friendly visits

  • Conduct business activities like partaking in conferences of trade fairs or any other relevant activities

  • To study or take training courses not as a student but as a business person

  • Do any unpaid voluntary work

Duration of the visit:

The visa holder can stay up to a maximum of 3 months (90 days) or less and re-enter as many times as needed within 1 year. This is restricted only by the expiry of either the ETA or corresponding passport whichever precedes the other.


A printed copy of 601 visas Australia at the border will set the right tone for further travel proceedings. At the airport both – printed copy of ETA and passport are necessary. Everyone irrespective of the type of visa they have must complete an incoming passenger card necessary for passenger identification and documentary proof of health and character requirements. Once the identification checks are over, the visitor is free to travel anywhere just informing the Australian Immigration Authorities about – change in the phone number or email address, relationship status and the birth of a child. No doubt Mark Frost (Twin peaks) aptly remarked that a traveler learns more than a passenger. In Australia

Once inside Australia, the traveler can use their Australian visa (ETA) to travel all over the country, as well as leave and come back multiple times until the visa expires. However, the traveler is required to advise the Australian Immigration Authority of any of the following whiles in Australia:

  • A change of phone number or email address.

  • A change in relationship status.

  • The birth of a child.

As the ETA Australia is attached to the traveler’s current passport, the visa will become invalid if the passport expires. Foreign citizens in Australia with an expired ETA cannot reapply while in the country, and they will be required to apply for a different Australia visa type.

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