“I don’t have anything to wear!” You could hear golfers of both sexes and all ages exclaim this every time the seasons change. Why does it happen?

People tend to buy all the right attire and gear for the season they start golfing in. When the next season comes, they suddenly realize that they are missing the right garments.

In this article, we’ll talk about what you can consider buying for each of the seasons. Please keep in mind that we are mostly talking about continental climate, but you can adapt these tips to the area you live in.

What To Wear in the Summer

When the summer comes, golfers face such hazards as hot sun, high humidity, and high temperatures. What properties should your attire have to keep you comfortable on the golf course?

  •         UV protection – consider buying shirts, pants, and caps with a sun protection factor. These days, it’s easy to find virtually any garment that can protect you from the sun.
  •         Visors – always use caps with visors. They don’t just protect you from sunstroke, they keep the sunshine away from your eyes. This could give you an excellent competitive advantage on the golf course.
  •         Ventilation – when it’s hot out, you don’t want perspiration to make you uncomfortable. That’s why you should invest in clothing with proper ventilation. Consider perforated shoes and fabrics that wick moisture away from your body.
  •         Fabrics – take some time to choose the right fabrics for your golf attire. They should be light and breathable. Sometimes, 100% cotton shirts and pants are an excellent answer. If you have a higher budget, consider special fabrics with sweat-blocking properties.
  •         Minimalism – when it’s hot out, keep the number of garments to a minimum. However, make sure they cover the majority of your body to avoid sunburn.

What should you have in your closet for the next summer golf session?

  •         Golf shoes (light and perforated)
  •         Pants or skirt
  •         Short socks
  •         Polo shirt
  •         Cap with a visor


What to Wear in the Autumn and Spring

When one of these seasons comes so does the rain. Playing golf when it pours is out of the question. However, if it rains slightly, you can go out and enjoy a couple of tees. What clothing should you consider for a rainy day?

  •         Weatherproof clothing – no one can keep you from wearing a raincoat to the golf course. However, it can limit your movements and make you uncomfortable. According to golf attire experts from The Golf Society, it makes sense to invest in special waterproof suits. They appear stylish and protect you from the moisture
  •         Waterproof shoes – the most important part of your golf attire is the shoes. Keep your feet dry with waterproof materials. Consider leather or synthetic fabrics for your spring and autumn footwear.
  •         Extra pair of socks – always keep an extra pair of socks in your bag in case your feet do get wet. You don’t want to end the golf game just because a few drops got inside your shoes.
  •         Something warm – if the weather gets cold, you should have something warm packed in your bag. Usually, sweaters are a good choice. Make sure your sweater matches the color of your outfit. Consider plain rather than patterned garments.

What should you have in your closet for the fall and spring golf sessions?

  •         Sweaters and jackets
  •         Socks (and a few extra pairs)
  •         Weatherproof suits (pants and jacket)
  •         Waterproof shoes
  •         Golf umbrella
  •         Towel
  •         A change of clothing to have dinner or a cup of coffee in the club

What to Wear in the Winter

Winter is not a reason to give up a golf game. Unless it’s snowing and the golf course is in bad condition, you can go out and have a relaxing time at the club. The only obstacle you can face is low temperature, so make sure you are dressed right.

  •         Thermal clothing – consider investing in thermal t-shirts and pants to wear under your regular attire. They can keep your body warm while wicking the sweat away. The higher your budget, the better thermal clothing you can get.
  •         Layers – instead of wearing one extra-warm jacket, consider dressing in layers. You can take a couple of garments off during the game when you are moving around. Then you can put them back on if you feel cold.
  •         Hats – make sure to wear a hat to protect your head. The hat should have a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  •         Warm shoes – make sure you invest in high-quality winter shoes or boots because feet get cold first. Playing golf when your feet are uncomfortable is hardly enjoyable. Consider boots to ensure the comfort of your ankles.
  •         Sunglasses – in the winter, the sun is lower than it is in the summer so visor doesn’t do that good of a job keeping rays out of your eyes


What should you have in your closet for the winter golf session?


  •         Thermal underwear
  •         Warm jacket
  •         Warm shoes or boots
  •         Sunglasses
  •         Hat with a visor
  •         Windbreaker


Final Thoughts

Weather should not interfere with your desire to play golf. Unless temperatures are freezing, it’s raining cats and dogs or there is a snowstorm, you can go out and enjoy yourself on the golf course. Make the all-year-round game a reality by investing in the right clothing.

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