What Every Woman Need To Know About Lip Care

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Every woman values her lips as they form an integral part of her beauty. Lips are most beautiful and sexy part of the face yet very sensitive. Do you have a beauty regimen? Are your lips included? Your answer should be a yes if no plan on caring for your mouth. Lip skin consists of only one skin layer which can be susceptible to infection, injury, and environmental constraints if not cared for. Every woman should know how to take care of their lips making them healthy supple and soft. Here is what you need to know about lip care doesn’t miss out:

1. Keep your lips moisturized

Do you moisturize? If no then you should include it in your lip care regime. Select a favorite lip balm with perfect moisturizing properties for daily use. Moisture provides an extra protective layer to the sensitive single lip layer keeping it supple and soft all day. In the evening after cleansing moisturizer before bed and also in the morning. Winter and summer call for an extra care for the lips from the harsh environmental constraints. During the season upgrade your lip moisturizing products to suit well with the season. Winter may also call for some extra effort of humidifying the house to keep your lips moisturized.

2. Take plenty water

Moisturizing from the outside is not enough. Hydrate by taking eight glasses of water or more each day for supple, healthy and soft lips. Interested with lip plumping? Taking water helps you achieve it. Also to an excellent choice of best lip plumpers, hydrating plumps up your lips giving them a radiant, sexy look. Water stimulates blood flow in the lips making them look fuller and with a smooth complexion. This will help shun away any form of dryness.

3. Eat up to your lips

There are some essential vitamins and minerals found in food types which greatly help pamper your lips for a great look. Your diet should always be healthy and well balanced for healthy lips. The inadequacy of vitamin B and D in the body significantly impacts the lips by getting them dry up and get chapped. The inadequacy can be supplemented with foods rich in vitamin B including fresh kales, spinach, and cucumber. Vitamin D foods should include omega-3 rich, fatty acids like the tuna, salmon, and the mackerel. It can also include yogurt, whole milk, and some eggs.

4. Avoid the lip licking habit

Do you lick your lips at times? You should stop. Lip licking is a bad habit which strips your lips of its moisture and luster resulting to dryness and dullness. This tendency can be stopped by disciplining yourself to avoid totally it or applying a considerably bad to taste balm.

5. Clean your teeth regularly

A recent research has substantially linked lip problems to the poor cleansing of the teeth. Make sure you clean your teeth well after every meal to keep up the health of your mouth. When brushing in the morning exfoliate your lips with the brush to remove the dead skin which could otherwise lead to skin drying after then do moisturize. Your lip care routine should involve visiting a dentist after six months regularly to keep up the health of the teeth as well as that of the mouth.

6. Sunscreen

Your lips also need protection from the sunscreen to avoid the wrinkling and drying from the sunburns. Your choice of lip balm should contain a safe sunscreen. Apply the lotion every morning for all day protection. The sunscreen should be of at least SPF 30.

7. Remember your personal protective gears while doing sports

A mouth guard should be put on when doing sports. This protects your lips from any injury.

8. Avoid the tobacco products

If you yearn for an old lip beauty regime, then you should totally quit the smoking habit. Tobacco use darkens the lips giving it a dull and unhealthy complexion. Moreover repetitive smoking brings in the wrinkles at the corners of the lips giving you an older look. Tobacco is also carcinogenic; oral cancer can bring in some predetermined lip conditions.


Come summer winter your lips should always light up your looks. That’s part of being a woman. One look with chapped and dry lips and someone will have already judged you. Unmanaged lips depict laziness, disorganization, being unhealthy and inability to handle you. Do not let this happen to you, lip care is a simple process and also very cheap. Any sign of lip condition which you cannot manage should call for your doctor’s help. Your lip care regime should also entail a healthy lifestyle. Light up your looks with radiant and fabulous supple lips.

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