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What Do Your Clothes Say About You

You don’t have to be a psychologist nor fashion expert to be aware of the truth behind that old saying “You are what you wear”. Although this may sound as it refers to person’s financial status and how their clothes reflect it, the meaning of this saying actually goes way deeper.

Being the first thing people see on us, clothing is usually what define us and it can be used to send a message. However, the real question here is what kind of message you want to send, so it might be a good idea to learn a thing or two about what your clothes can say about you.

Expressing yourself

In early civilizations, clothing had a purpose – to protect humans from the cold. Nowadays, when we don’t have to worry about being cold that much, clothes started playing a much bigger role. It’s a way to show the world how we see ourselves – it serves as a social marker. Throughout history, you could determine someone’s social and financial status solely by looking at their outfit. Today, those lines became somewhat blurrier but clothing is still one of the best ways to express yourself.

Expressing yourself

If you tend to show off your unique style by boldly combining unusual pieces, that is a sure way of expressing your individuality. On the other hand, some people use clothes to merge into the crowd and hide their personality by dressing uniformly. That’s why blindly following the fashion trends is tricky – it’s easy to get lost. So, if you want to stay true to yourself and your style, carefully choose the trends that you like and incorporate them into your style, not the other way around.

Dress the message

What you wear can affect your confidence the way you feel about yourself. That’s why you tend to pick an outfit carefully when there’s an important event approaching. A job interview or an important meeting at work – those are the occasions to dress well and get people to listen to you and take you seriously.

Dress the message

It’s not just about the clothing; it’s about your attitude as well, so you’ll want to feel good in the clothes you choose. That’s why wearing good-fitting clothes is so important. If you’re curvy, why would you want to hide it when you can show off your best assets in one of those fabulous plus size dresses? Use the clothes to accent your best features and to hide imperfections. Also, it’ very important to wear tailored clothes that fit you well, so set yourself a goal to find a good tailor.

Relation to colors

Various studies show how colors can affect people’s mood, match their personalities or can even be connected to the feeling of attraction. You’ve probably heard a thousand times that color red is the color of love and passion, but an actual study showed that men tend to see women as more attractive if they’re in red clothes. This is because red triggers a primal response in humans, connected to sexuality and fertility, as well as health.

Relation to colors 01

On the other hand, having a monochrome wardrobe, especially if it’s black or grey, can mean a lot of thing. Experts claim that people who wear all black are introverts but it can also be a sign that you’ve found your true style and that’s why you’re focusing on a particular color.

Relation to colors 02

It’s obvious that clothing plays a major role in forming our self-image, so there’s no point in denying it. On the contrary, you can make play smart and make the most of it – learn to dress according to situation, use the clothes to show off your best assets and you’ll be ready to shine wherever you go.

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