What are the ways to be a certified yoga instructor?

How long will it take to become a potential certified yoga instructor?

Normally, one can opt for the 200 hour course, that takes 3-5 months on minimum, or they can also go for the 500-hour course that may take up to 6 months to one year and it all depends on how fast you get a grip over the thing, and how fast you want to get certified.

It is really an interesting thing to take up your career in an arena like yoga that gives you a bright career as well as a well-toned body. Besides, when you have decided to be a certified yoga teacher, it is something you really need to be serious about.

So, when you have finally decided to make people healthy, all mentally, physically, and emotionally, you need to be even more focused now. Especially when it is something like yoga, that needs you to put in generous amount of hard work and diligence, that will surely help you fulfill the much-awaited dream.

Where to start from?

Yoga is something that you need to attain an expertise in by practicing it for many years. You should be having a clear understanding about the various basis of yoga before coming across the different formal yoga training centers. This will actually be the first step in becoming a certified yoga trainer. Following are some of the fundamental aspects of yoga which you need to be aware of:

  1. Basic notion about human anatomy
  2. Focusing on the proper alignment while performing the various yoga positions
  3. Focus on proper physical and individual growth
  4. Application of proper technique

Well, whatever the course you choose, yoga is something you have to be serious about, and while you come across the various formal yoga sessions, you will have religious practice sessions, for really long hours before getting your actual certificate.

What should be your qualification to become a yoga instructor?

You should be having at least some informal yoga practicing experience for some years, in the companion of potential yoga teacher, and should have completed a couple of diploma courses in yoga, before you get into the certification course programs.

What are the types of yoga certification courses offered?

There are various kinds of yoga certification courses, which you can opt for, to trigger a healthy start to your career. The following courses can be done to become a potential yoga trainer:

  • Advanced yoga instructor certification: If you have already completed your basic course and want to take your career to a whole new level, then you can go for some of the advanced yoga certification programs that basically comprises of duration 500 hours, covering a period of 2-3 years. These courses are quite similar to that of master’s degree program in yoga.

While you are completing any of them you will be coming across experiences of teaching people suffering from mental or physical disorders. Yoga teachers of different levels like senior, junior, as well as masters opting for these certificate programs will actually be very helpful in getting across the level of achieving certification.

  • Specialty yoga certification programs: These courses or yoga workshops can be completed over a week, or it may also take several months of hardcore training sessions, that too under in-depth practices. These courses give you the opportunity to treat various groups of people, underprivileged children, people suffering from stress, elderly people suffering from back pain etc.

So, when choosing yoga as a career, you really need to be serious, since it is something concerning your overall health, and tips mentioned here will hopefully help in making your dream come true.

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