What Are the Types of River Rocks That Are Available?

River rocks are a diverse cluster of rocks that have been rounded and worn by flowing water. These can be found most often in steam beds and on beaches, and are available in a wide variety of textures, colours and sizes. These rocks can be used for many purposes, such as for making walkways, wall facades, decorative ground covers, landscaping and more. One can use these in interior designing projects as well as in hot stone massages and other wellness applications. Such rocks come in sizes ranging between 3 to 18 feet and 1.5 to 15 feet in height.

Listed Below Are the Various Types of River-Rocks That Are Available Today:

#1. Granite: These are among the commonest types of river rocks that are used for the purpose of decorative construction and landscaping. This type of rock is in the igneous “intrusive” rock category. This indicates that it is formed under the surface of the earth, as magma cools down and crystallizes slowly. Granite rocks can have a banded or speckled look due to minerals like feldspar and quartz –which make up the granite composite – having coarse grains. The composite form is due to wide variety in coloration, with the colours varying between gray to russet, and everything from white and black t purple and green in between.

#2. Mexican Beach River Rock: It is also referred to as Mexican beach pebbles, and these are also known by many other names. These rocks can be found in a dark, natural finish and they either have a polished or matte appearance. This is a versatile rock that can work as an alternative for mulch in a succulent bed and also in a garden that is Zen-themed.

#3. Basalt: This is an extrusive rock that develops due to the cooling of lava over the surface of the crust of earth. It is fine-grained with the colour ranging between dark green and grey black. These kinds of rocks are used most often in hot stone massages, as these can retain heat very well. Often, basalt river rocks of smaller sizes are used as filler for.

  • Meditation fountains
  • Candle holders
  • Floral arrangements

This is because these rocks have a dark and smooth appearance, which ensures a more modern look. These types of rocks decorate the area around large maple trees and water-sensitive oak trees.

#4. Schist: A foliated metamorphic rock, Schist develops deep inside the Earth due to exposure to high pressure and heat. This rock has a banded look and is available in a range of grey coloured shades. These river rocks are shaped as a rectangle, and the edges are more or less smooth. These are used in landscaping and can provide the environment with a wild and natural feel.

#5. Polished River-Rocks: These are smaller sized river-rocks which are polished in a tumbler and have a glossy, smooth appearance. With polishing, the colour variations, striations and speckles are brought out. Finer powder is used to polish these rocks until these achieve a glossy, smooth finish. These types of river rocks range between ¾ – 1 inch in size and are appropriate for walkways and paths. These have a smooth texture, which makes them very pleasing to walk on.

#6. Manufactured River-Rocks: Manufactured river-rocks comprise of natural stone from quarries that are resurfaced artificially on a side to look like river rocks. On the other side, these are cut flat. Typically, these are used as a finish in construction for interior and exterior walls. The rock’s flat side easily attaches to a wall base whereas the shaped surface of river-rocks provides the wall with an organic, natural appearance.

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