Well, it is a serious discussion when we gather to know about neurofeedback and its therapy. A patient with neuro problems may need to take therapy from time to time. Most believe that this therapy might include medication, but it is not so. This therapy is noninvasive This treatment is also called biofeedback therapy.

When an individual suffers from neuro issues or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) this therapy is advised to take at the initial stage while he starts feeling negative changes in behavior, personality, and learning. The basic motive of neurofeedback therapy is to bring change in behavior by changing brain functionality.

The five types of brain waves – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Theta are measured by EEG test, that is, Electroencephalograph. When the test shows there is a big difference between theta and beta waves, that is where the importance ofneurofeedback therapy arises. EEG also tests how fast or slow the waves or electric signals in our brain are working.

Here the question comes, will this therapy improve your brain functionality within a short period of time? Will it have a positive impact on your brain?

Although the answer to this question varies from patient to patient, yes we can summarize it as this therapy is helpful and effective for the patients suffering from neuro problems. After the therapy, the EEG expert will ask questions to the patient relating to lifestyle, behavioral changes, or treatment history. Only after checking the treatment history, this therapy is taken on a priority basis.

How is this therapy done?

To be very honest, every clinic or hospital hires a neuro professional having experience in this sector for more than three years. Firstly the patient shows all his previous medical records and gives all the details. Then at the initial stage of the therapy, the professional plugs electrodes running from an EEG machine to the person’s head with the help of cream and small pieces of cotton to check the brain activity. The good thing about this therapy is that these electrodes do not pass electric current, which means it is safe to sit for this therapy.

After attaching the electrodes to the head, the scanner shows the waves and how the brain is functioning. To explore more, in the middle of the therapy some sounds or music are added and the behavior of the patient is observed. It basically shows the changes in stimuli whether it is increasing or decreasing or has no effect. Sometimes, video recording is also added in this therapy so that senior professionals or doctors can watch and observe.

Many of us have doubts about how many times this therapy needs to be taken. The real solution to the problem is there is no definite number of adopting the therapy can be predicted. It moves from patient to patient and sometimes depends on their lifestyle also.

To conclude, we can just say that biofeedback therapy protects you from some severe seizures or minor attacks. This will be useful if the patient wants to experience it from time to time. To know more you can visit https://www.biocybernaut.com/

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