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What are the Hottest Lipstick Trends for the Year 2017? - Likeitgirl

What are the Hottest Lipstick Trends for the Year 2017?

New Year is right here and we’re all about our fresh new resolutions and big changes in your lives. There are bold decisions that concern our jobs, determination to become healthier and work out more… But what about those subtle changes? How about you change your hairstyle or your hair colour? Or even better: did you think about changing the way you wear lipstick? New year brings fresh new trends, and these are the hottest lipstick trends for 2017.

Lip GlossLip Gloss

Believe it or not but matte lips are slowly going out of style. Matte lips have ruled the runways and streets alike for several seasons now, but lip gloss is slowly taking over. Liquid matte lips could be seen everywhere: offices, clubs, and magazines, and lip gloss is a refreshing change. It makes any girl look younger and more carefree. The best thing about lip gloss is that you can pick one with glitter in it and look like a model, or you can simply use transparent one and apply it right over your ordinary lipstick (or even over your liquid matte lipstick). The glossy finish will make your lips look fuller and plumper, which is one of the reasons why girls love it in the first place.

Ombre lips

Ombre lips became a thing in 2016, and they will certainly keep on living and evolving in 2017 as well. The trend that started back in the nineties: lining out lips with dark pencil and filling them in with bright lipstick (no blending whatsoever), evolved into little works of art we have today. You can keep it mild and mellow with soft pink and peach colours or you can go full Goth and pull off those ‘dark red with black’ lips. The most important things is to be meticulous and blend everything carefully. If you are not sure about lip brushes, use the tips of your fingers to gently tap the lipstick softly into your lips.

Statement lipsStatement lips

In the previous seasons girls started experimenting with bold colours like turquoise, black, plum, and bright pink, but the following year will take us all one step further. It is going to be all about statement lips that really stand out on your face. Glitters are the next hottest thing, and they will be all over the place: nail polish, lips, and eye shadows. Overlay of glitter on your lips will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, but it is not the kind of look that is convenient for an office. You can even make glitter ombre lips: apply a base layer of smooth and soft lipstick and dab just a bit of glitter (or use glitter gloss) right in the center of your lips.

It’s not just about the lipstick

Wearing the most fashionable lipstick is not the only thing that matters. Having beautiful lips and healthy teeth is just as important, because nothing beats a beautiful and genuine smile, lipstick or not. Dentists specialized in teeth whitening state that more and more women undergo teeth whitening procedure so they get brighter smiles. Not only can you whiten your teeth, but you should also keep your lips soft and healthy by exfoliating them at least once a week with a mixture of coconut oil, honey, and brown sugar. These simple things will make your smile and your lipstick more noticeable.

It’s not just about the lipstick

Remember, you don’t have to blindly follow every trend that shows up every season. Just because something is trendy it doesn’t mean it will look good on everyone. Experiment and improvise, and somewhere along the way you will discover what looks great on you. Trends come and go while elegance and style stay forever.

image credit: pixabay.com


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