What are the Different Phone Repairing Tools & Equipment’s used by the Professionals?

In today’s time, mobile phones are in great demand. One can’t imagine its life without them. And if your mobile phone starts facing any kind of problem then you need not have to worry. Nowadays there are various tools available in the market for phone repairing. And professionals have years of experience in this field and they know which tool will go best with your mobile phone.

Have a look at all the professional tools and equipment used for mobile repairing:

     1.   Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a very important component used to solder small components like a capacitor, resistor, transistor, microphone and display. Most of the professionals make use of 50 watts soldering iron as it is suitable for most of the mobile phones.

Moreover, these professionals choose the soldering iron in such a way that it becomes easy to hold by eliminating the burning. All the soldering Iron are ESD-Safe because all the components present on the phone are very sensitive and can get very easily damaged by static charge or electricity.

    2.   Printed Circuit Board Holder

This holder is responsible for holding different types of PCB of a mobile phone while soldering or repairing. The main purpose of using the PCB Board is that it holds all the components very firmly and strongly without allowing it to move.

And if you are thinking that these professionals might make use of cheap or inexpensive holder then you are extremely wrong in this case. Because these professionals make use of reliable and expensive Holder.

    3.   Solder Wire

Most of the times your phone falls and all its components get shattered on the ground. So, to help you out this soldering wire is used. Generally, this wire is used to solder all the important electronic components, ICs or jumpers. Composition of most solder wire is tin or lead.

For repairing your mobile, professionals usually make use of 0.5mm solder. It is usually considered as the most suitable option. 

    4.   Multimeter

There are 2 types of multimeter available in the market. But the professionals make use of a digital multimeter. Moreover, this device is very useful in finding out faults, check tracks and components.

So, now you need not have to worry because these repairing experts will make use of a reliable ESD-Safe digital Multimeter.

     5.   Microscope or Magnifier

Microscopes are very useful for viewing a magnified view of all PCB and electronic components. And these microscopes are available in different zoom options like 2X, 3X, 5X etc. professionals make use of this tool to view all the PCB and components enlarged.

Nowadays these experts are using making use of tools and types of equipment like Microscope, USB Microscope, Table Top Magnifying Lamp and Head Magnifier with Led Light.

     6.   Hot Air Blower

This tool is also known as Surface Mount Device rework station and sometimes SMD repair system. This device is used by experts to manage or regulate the temperature and flow of hot air. 

     7.   Mobile phone repairing tool kit 

 A mobile repairing tool kit contains mainly all the small tools that are very important for the repairing job. This tool kit consists of soldering iron, desoldering pump, precision screwdrivers, tweezers and much other useful equipment’s.

This kit is mainly used by professionals as they don’t need to buy all the tools individually.

    8.   Precision Screwdriver

This equipment is very useful for unscrewing or removing all the screws of your mobile phones while assembling or dissembling. Generally, professionals make use of precision screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6 as these are sufficient for managing mobile repairing job.

    9.   Mobile Phone Opener

Experts make use of these openers for opening the housing or the body of a mobile phone. And these openers are available in different shapes and made of different materials like plastic or metal.

Generally non-metallic and ESD-Safe mobile phone openers are used to avoid any damage due to static electricity.

10. DC Power Supply

Regulated DC power supply is used to provide DC current to your mobile phones. Professionals make use of DC power supply to switch ON a mobile phone without a battery.

Moreover, it can also be used as a battery booster of a cell phone.



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