What Are The Basic Things By Which You Can Make Your Skin Softer

Ladies, refrain from wishing too much when it comes to giving yourself healthy and dehydration free skin.  The one fact of skincare you have to learn now is that getting yourself all the products you can get your hands on wont necessarily improve how your skin behaves or appears.  In fact, giving yourself too much might hurt your skin.


How To Earn Yourself Baby Soft Skin

 Here is a lean and mean the list of 10 tips that will finally earn you the baby soft skin youve always deserved:

 Tip No. 1:  Shower and Cleanse.  

Perform these twice daily.  Go soap-free for your face and body.  Soap-free products wont leave scores of irritating and pore-clogging residues behind which can start an infection that may eventually lead to permanent skin damage and blemishes.

 For your face, a soap-free cleanser that contains salicylic acid or an alpha hydroxy acid at mild levels can help lift and eliminate your dead skin cells at the surface of your skin.

 Tip No. 2:  Scrub and Exfoliate.  

Consider your skin type before setting a healthy and realistic frequency for performing these two skincare procedures.  Sensitive skin types will need to scrub and exfoliate just once every week.  Not even the best anti-wrinkle cream can come close to the skin renewal and aging protection that comes with regular scrubbing and exfoliation.

 Tip No. 3.  Add moisture-boosting toner or essence to your routine.  

Traditionally, toners were used only to draw out impurities from your pores and provide an antiseptic relief for your skins surface layer. Unfortunately, that could be the reason why most toners today are laden with drying alcohols. Make sure that yours is free from it, and also fragrance-free. Look for a toner thats loaded with antioxidants and moisture-locking ingredients instead.

 Tip No. 4:  Moisturize.

Baby soft skin is impossible to achieve without restoring healthy moisture levels. Look for skin conditioning ingredients, humectant and ingredients that help restore the surface layer to keep moisture in.  Mature skin will need more help, making up for skin precursors that are running low in your skin, that includes, collagen, co-enzyme Q10, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

 When you have aging skin, you must constantly look for answers to questions like, Does Boots No. 7 work?Keep in mind that these products are only as good as how well they complement your needs.

Tip No. 5: Use safe sun protection only.

Avoid exposing your skin to toxins. Choose only physical sunblock and make sure your product contains the added UV power of antioxidants.

Tip No. 6:  Do more No Makeup Days.  

Save your cover up for special occasions. Whenever you can, skip the heavy covers like thick foundations and cream concealers.  Go for a sheer and tinted BB Cream with sun protection instead.  The less layering you do, the better it will be for your skin.

 Tip No. 7: Rid your skin of all products and impurities.  

Make this the first part of your evening routine. The second you hit your residence, wash your hands and reach for a cotton ball and an oil-based makeup remover.  Make sure to get all the nasty products, dirt and grime off of your skin. Rest your skin for at least 15 minutes before cleansing

 Tip No. 8: Layer your skin with loads of moisture-boosting and anti-aging ingredients.  

Your nighttime regimen calls for deep moisturizing and skin health restoring ingredients that complement your skins natural ability to heal itself.

 Tip No. 9: Spoil yourself to a good nights sleep.

 Its the best rejuvenating experience that you can give your skin, much powerful than what the combination of all the products in your beauty stash can give.


Tip No. 10: Mind what you eat and give yourself a regular dose of physical activity.

 Keep in mind that your skin is part of a larger system your body and that, whatever you fuel your body with also affects your skin.


 We are all blessed with a unique beauty that we can be proud of.  No less than supermodel and Victorias Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, spreads around that wisdom.  She said that A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too. I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness.

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