What are the advantages of a working platform?

While work platforms have many advantages, they all fit very well into the three main benefit categories. Security, productivity and finance are the three main categories. These three main categories are interconnected. Working safely in the long run increases productivity due to shorter time losses due to injuries. Increased productivity usually means lower costs per unit of production. A lower price per unit of production usually brings financial benefits. Financial benefits, in turn, allow larger security budgets. Accordingly, the impact of each of the main categories of the benefits of using the platform ladder Sydney is in the other two categories.

Security benefits

The work platform is a safety solution for workers who need to reach the ground on a regular basis. Without the use of a work platform, the worker will resort to unacceptable practice that could lead to injury or even potentially fatal death. For example, a worker may use a nearby chair or table to reach a higher position than to get a platform ladder from a storage location. In doing so, a table or chair can help and the worker falls down and is damaged. If a dedicated work platform is in place, the employee does not have to go to get a platform ladder and, therefore, is not tempted to use a chair or table.

When the 2 legs are bent, the ladder rests on 2 wheels, allowing the same movement as the wheelchair. When the stairs are in place and 2 feet high feet are placed on the floor, 2 feet prevent the ladder from rotating. The person then climbs the ladder, completes the task, descends the ladder and moves up the stairs. Examples of such ladders include tilt and roll platform ladders, truck / dock access ladders and semi-trailer ladders.

Prevention of platform ladder injuries

Just one platform ladder injury is too much. Platform ladder access training and platform ladder inspection are both important and necessary.

Platform ladder training

All works on platform lids need to be planned in advance with properly trained personnel. The training may require minimal supervision of workers, proper ladder and climbing techniques, weather matters such as icy or rainy conditions and any emergency procedures.

Platform ladder inspection

Platform ladders need to be inspected regularly. The inspection report should include:

  1. The name of the person requesting the inspection.
  2. The location of the platform ladder is to be inspected.
  3. Description of platform ladder for inspection.
  4. Date and time of inspection.
  5. Issues have been found that the health or safety of the person is at risk.
  6. Any issues encountered during the inspection need to be dealt with as a result.
  7. Name and status of the person who created the report.
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