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What are Poppers? - Likeitgirl

Whilst some drugs including but not limited to marihuana are now becoming legalised in many countries and states, there are other recreational drugs still under scrutiny – Including but not limited to Poppers. With this is mind today we are here to provide some blanket information surrounding poppers, so that people can make better informed decisions in regards to whether they want to use them or not.

Poppers is the slang term given to alkyl nitrates – Poppers generally come in small brown bottles containing liquid which is then inhaled by users in search of highly desired side effects.

In the UK it is illegal to sell poppers for human inhalation, however they are still available in most towns and cities, thanks to marketing loop holes such as companies now labelling them as ‘room odourisers’. Available in a lot of sex and leather shops, as well as record stores, poppers boast a distinctive fruity-sweet aroma and are actually sometimes used for cleaning purposes, despite their main and quite apparent use.

When poppers are inhaled they cause vasodilation, which is dilation of the blood vessels, causing users blood pressure to lower. Upon inhaling users can feel a light euphoric effect for several minutes, known to loosen a person’s inhibitions and to increase their sexual pleasure. Poppers are often used by people preparing for sex, with poppers working to relax the smooth muscles which surround our blood vessels.

When abused, which means taken too much or too regularly popper can cause harmful effects, therefore people should watch the amount that they use closely. Negative side effects that have been reported by aid poppers users include

  • Felling sick
  • Feeling faint
  • Becoming uncoordinated
  • Nosebleeds
  • Headaches
  • Chest pains

If any of these side effects come present when using poppers people should either call 11 or visit their local A&E department.

Luckily for all still looking to try liquid gold poppers, there are still many poppers suppliers available, selling some of the world’s leading poppers brands which include but are not limited to Liquid Gold Poppers, TNT Poppers, Hardcore Poppers, English Poppers, Purple Haze Poppers and Rush Poppers.

Those choosing to use poppers however are strongly advised to limit the amount which they inhale, as well as ensuring they follow all safety instruction and avoid another other drugs including alcohol whilst using them. 

There are many resources available online to those looking for more information about Poppers – So if you want to learn more, we advise you to continue researching at your own leisure, starting with leading drug website including Talk to Frank.

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