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Abaya fashion is here to stay; earlier, it was a misconception that modest fashion is not going to last longer. More importantly, it would never be taken as a fashion statement. There was a time when Abaya clad women were taken as oppressed women, forced to cover themselves only because “men” of the family ordered them so. Things are not the same anymore; women today know their worth and rights.They know they cannot be forced into any action anymore, or else the other party will have to encounter serious repercussions. One of the many reasons why abayas today are not seen as the attire of oppressed Muslimah is the contemporary clothing brands like Black Camels revolutionizing modest fashion.

The Black Camels offer a wide variety of fashionable abayas for its customers to make them aware of the broad abaya choices they have today. Feminism and the advent of social media have changed the way women are seen today. They have given voice to women. Today, they are out in the professional lives fighting the competition shoulder to shoulder with men. One thing that keeps them confident and does not let them lose the battle is their attire. Today women wear all kinds of attires and give the bold aura even in completely covered dresses. The Black Camels ensures their customers are satisfied with their services and their creativity is enough to keep them hooked onto their websites. It is impossible to leave the website without shopping from them because we all like to be chic without any skin exposure, right? That’s where Black Camels comes in!

For all the newcomers here, you may be confused about what abayas actually are. Here, let us walk you through its complete definition and modern explanation.

What is Abaya?

It is an Arabic word for Cloak, a simple and loose garment that some women in the Muslim world wear as a path of their faith. This is the direct definition that you would mostly find online. However, since we have been in this Abaya business for a while, we can give you an extensive overview of it. There is a new term out in the market introduced by Gen Z since the new generation has wholly transformed the English vocabulary, Wike Abaya Definition. This is the literal and most common definition that you would find online.

However, many other names given to this Muslim cloak, Burqa or Niqab, are a few of the many. When you say these words aloud, people automatically assume it means the long loose black Islamic Clothing, which covers women’s whole body. This is where I present my contradictory opinion; being associated with the Black Camels, I have seen various abayas variants.

It would not be wrong to say that Abaya these days does mean Niqab or Burqa worn by Muslim ladies only. I would say it does not necessarily have to do anything with any religion in particularly. It is just the modest clothing which women of any race, age, or religion can don. The perfect way to explain Abaya is that it is the fusion of western dresses and burqa as it is being worn and relied on by people of all beliefs, but Muslim people take the main highlight.

It is best to understand that Abaya does not have any association with any religion. You may still be confused; what abayas actually are? Right?

Abayas are…

They are the perfect and elegant option of modest clothing that women who wish to be trendy and be in vogue but do not want to compromise on their modesty. Abaya is an excellent replacement for a Maxi or a Gown or many Western and Ethnic wear clothing types. Abayas are made in all kinds of fabrics and various cuts and silhouettes, but ‘Modesty’ remains an integral part of the garment, and that’s where it differs from western wear or other ethnic garments.

Dubai and Saudi Arabia have been the greatest pioneers of abaya businesses, particularly in KSA women were forced to wear Abaya after a certain age. However, even that rule has been reversed today, all thanks to the liberal political parties. There is no denying to the fact that the brands like Black Camels have taken their abaya design inspirations from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. They have constantly been evolving when it comes to the new abaya designs and patterns.

There is a misconception widely believed that modest fashion is heavy on pocket. The good news is the brands like The Black Camels are offering their exclusive collection at the most affordable rates.

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