If you are tired of the monotony of everyday life and are craving some time away from home and work, but at the same time, are not willing to spend too much – a weekend away with your motorcycle is the best option.

Australia – with its beaches and varying terrains – has some of the most picturesque and stunning views to offer. A road trip on your motorcycle is the best way to enjoy these views without spending too much money on transportation.

Here are some of the ways in which you can keep the trip within your budget:


1) Preparing your ride


The first and foremost step would be to ensure that your motorcycle is in good condition; which involves checking its fuel level, as well as, its parts for damages. This will not only reduce the chances of any kind of inconvenience during the trip but also keep your maintenance costs to a minimum.


While most riders prefer to accessorize their motorcycle according to their specific needs and wants, but you must install the essential accessories that are a must for a safe and enhanced ride.


2) Packing all the essentials


Packing everything that you may need on the trip- from toothbrushes to clothes for every kind of weather- ensures that you are able to cut down upon some extra costs that may arise in the absence of these things. It’s especially important to pack a lot of food so that you don’t have to keep stopping for the same. This is a good way to save time, as well as, money, while on the road.


3) Eating at cheaper joints


If you are seeking a break from reality, you are most likely not concerned with treating yourself to the most exquisite of cuisines. Hence, it is a good idea to find some cheap diners, because even if you bring food from home- there’s only so much that you can carry, and at some point of time you are bound to run out of food. It is advisable to find cheap places to eat beforehand so that the expenditure on food does not eat up a major portion of your budget.


4) Finding an affordable place to stay

Most people spend the majority of their vacation budget on accommodation, and if you are able to save money in this respect, you are bound to have more money to spend on visiting new places and trying out other adventurous activities. Since a road trip on your motorcycle isn’t really anyone’s idea of a luxury trip, you can save the luxury hotels and resorts for another day. Look for some cozy and affordable bed and breakfast and you’re good to go.


Even though everything around us has become much more expensive than before, it is still not completely impossible to enjoy a cheap and fun weekend away. You just have to remember to reduce your expenses wherever possible and not indulge in unnecessary luxuries. Having fun on a budget is a unique and challenging experience in itself, and will allow you to discover yourself in a whole new way.

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