Weddingmoon: An Budget-Friendly Alternative To Traditional Wedding

A wedding is a timeless essence and memorable day of everyone’s life. To make the wedding preparation run smoothly many newly engaged couples set a budget and work accordingly to it.

They set a specific budget for everything required for the wedding from the dress to venue, transportation to gifts, cuisine to entertainment and so on. Nowadays, the trend which is quite famous among the newly engaged couples is weddingmoon because it sits in their budget perfectly.

Weddingmoon is popular as an alternative to a traditional wedding. It is a perfect combination of eloping, destination wedding and a romantic getaway “honeymoon”. Weddingmoon is usually a rewarding experience for those who wish to have an intimate wedding.

So, if you couples want to make your big day a glamorous event without breaking the budget, then weddingmoon would be your first preference. Here, we have listed the best reason to say “I Do” non-traditionally.

Memorable and Unique experience: Planning a wedding far away from your hometown allows you to customise the wedding location as per your taste. You can either tie the knot at a snowy mountain peak or opt for a beach wedding; the choice is yours! But, make sure whatever location you will choose for the wedding have proper accommodation and transportation as well.

Budget-Friendly: While a destination wedding may sound you an expensive affair, but it is affordable than a traditional wedding. Because, if you plan for a destination wedding, it’s probable that fewer guests showed up. Also, you don’t have to book much accommodation and wedding favours. Additionally, depending upon the wedding location, you may get inclusive wedding packages which include food and transportation. Sound’s cool!

The honeymoon starts early: Your honeymoon beings the time you say “I Do”. The time your guests leave the venue your honeymoon begins. Just think about the expenses (transportation and tickets) which you have already paid off. Now, all you have to relax and enjoy the view.

Lifetime opportunity: Imagine all your loved ones are reuniting at the magical place for the celebrating your love. Your wedding can be an opportunity for everyone to reunite. So, after the wedding is over gather all your family members and spend good time together.

Stress-free as compared to the traditional wedding: The best reason why the weddingmoons rule. Well, most of the locations you choose for the wedding have a qualified team of wedding planners and staff who are well aware of the local wedding rule and laws, which means it stress out your responsibility of arranging the required stuff for the wedding like registry and all. Also, most of the destination wedding location offers wedding transportation for couples to arrive at the wedding venue. You can hire any of vehicle of your choice from a sporty Bentley hire to a horse carriage. The choice is yours!

Weddingmoon is considered as the most suitable alternative to the traditional wedding. It allows you to have a dreamy destination wedding with no stress of work and at the same time save your vast chunks. So, plan your weddingmoon today and capture your love moments at the picturesque location, while keeping the budget in check.

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