Though wedding itself is a timeless tradition which is performed for centuries, how is it prepared, decorated and celebrated is changing each year, depending on the current trends or events in the world. Recent years, for instant, we had a boom of royal wedding inspired ceremonies and couples tried to make everything as elegant as possible. This year brought with it many exciting new ideas for décor, wedding dresses, cakes, flowers, music and so much more. So, let us see what is new on the horizon when it comes to wedding trends.

The Metallic Craze


Step aside ordinary sequins and sparkle, there is a new shiny trend on the scene – metallic. Metallic palettes (gold, rose gold, copper, silver, metallic grey, blue, etc.) can be incorporated into every aspect of embellishing process – from the venue decoration to the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses. Designers are putting rose gold on the throne when it comes to upcoming weddings. Metallic craze can even “infect” the food and drinks with rose-hued cocktails and shiny blush icings on desserts.

Themed Weddings


Themed weddings used to be a rarity, but this year, they will become a must, and it is allowed to go over-the-top. So, the selected theme should be considered when choosing the venue, the wedding dress, the flower girl and bridesmaids dresses, the food and, of course, the wedding cake. The theme can be anything from old Hollywood glamour to Star Wars.

Monochromatic Palette

Recent years combinations of two or more complementary colours dominated the wedding ceremonies. This year, however, is all about the simplicity as the ultimate elegance. So, instead of choosing several colours, it is enough to opt for one and then use its variety of shades. Dressing up the bridesmaids into custom made monochromatic dresses and the flower girls into Stylista & Co elegant gowns is sufficient to elevate the feel of the ceremony.

Live Entertainment

Wedding DJs are slowly, but steadily, becoming a thing of the past. Instead couples are deciding for live bands and entertainment, which can additionally improve the atmosphere of their special day. Orchestras, singers, bands, pianists, violinists, percussionists and other live artists can make that day perfect in a way that a DJ would never succeed.


Less Formal Dinner Options

Unlike the previous “royal” years, 2016 is all about the party. More and more couples will be deciding for informal dinners, such as cocktail receptions and stations with customizable appetizers, salad bars, gourmet cuisine and deserts. With the absence of the formality, comes the decrease in large wedding parties. The emphasis is put on “intimate” venues, like rustic barns, industrial lofts, small chateaus, etc.

Feathery Year

Feathers are becoming quite a fascination for wedding designers and decorators. They are the perfect element for a statement wedding dress (covering ball-gown skirts, surprise elements on the waist, etc.), but it can also be easily incorporated into the rest of the decor, such as centrepieces, invitations, name cards and pergolas.

Ditching the Traditional Cake

Traditional tall and elegant wedding cakes are somewhat dated and, frankly, boring. In 2016, couples have something completely different on their minds. A bunch of delicious cupcakes arranged as a traditional wedding cake sounds like a perfectly sane idea, as does anything with ice-cream on it.

The main trend to follow is freedom – freedom to choose your own colours and decide for your own style. Everything can and should be personalized.

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