Wedding Photographer Melbourne Guide to the Wedding Ceremony Sequence

Your wedding is on the horizon and you, as the bride, are understandably nervous about the traditional core wedding ceremony. Here is a brief guide to the wedding ceremony sequence and the processional so you can get it just right.

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The processional

You arrive in a limo and the wedding photographer Melbourne will capture photos of you stepping out and gathering along with your parents, groom, officiant, bridesmaids, flower girl and wedding party. A photographer would not want to miss these moments because there is confusion, fun, laughter and even trepidation. As a bride you will feel butterflies in your stomach once you make the grand entrance and all eyes are on you. Do not rush with eyes downcast. Instead, walk slowly, a smile on your face and look at the people. You may recognize friends and relatives so give them a friendly wave as you proceed. The processional sequence here goes something like this:

  • The bride’s mother proceeds first and signals the party to commence walking down the aisle.
  • The groom goes to the head of the altar and the best man stands next to him holding the rings.
  • The groomsmen may accompany the bride down the aisle.
  • The bridesmaids walk down the aisle one by one preceded by the maid of honour. The flower girl and ring bearer precede the bride. The ring bearer may hand the ring to the best man.
  • The maid of honor checks the bride and then gives the signal for the bride to proceed and once she does her father usually escorts her and when they reach the altar the maid stands by her side. Your maid of honour may hand you the bouquet and the ring at this point.

It is a good idea to know where your photographer is located and to look directly into the lens and smile even as you walk towards the altar.

Welcome and introductory speech

It is customary for the officiant to welcome the guests before proceeding with the ceremonies. The officiant will have something to say about your love and about the marriage so brief him well beforehand. This is when you can look soulfully at your husband-to-be, a scene that could be captured by the wedding photographer Melbourne based.


This part may be a bit boring as readers come up to the microphone and have their say. You may choose to skip the reading part of the ceremony if you like and jump straightaway to the exchange vows.

Exchange vows

This is one of the most important parts. It is best to take it slowly as you exchange vows, especially the ring exchange ceremony during which part of your attention should be on the photographer. You could smile a little, look up into the groom’s eye and hold on to his hand for a moment. All this goes into the camera.

The kiss

Another important stage that must be captured and for this, make sure you present the best angle to your wedding photographer, showing your face, not the back of your head.

Unity ceremony

Though not absolutely essential it is, nonetheless, a good idea to have a symbolic ceremony that will look extremely good in a photograph.

This is followed by the blessing and final prayer. Make sure you hold your hands up to shoulder height. Your photographer can thus include hands and head in the image.


This is another important stage when you head the wedding party back down the aisle as guests shower you with rice. Take it slow. Stop, look left, look right and smile and wave. Give your photographer as many chances as possible to get it all in his camera.

The serious part is over and it is now time for fun and festivities at the reception. The highlights that you will want captured in beautiful images are the garter toss and the bouquet toss. Wear two garters on one leg and give a hint to your husband so he does not have to fumble though fumbling does add to the fun. Before this, however, is the all important bouquet toss. Make sure your photographer is in position and then go about tossing the bouquet slowly, not in a flash. You want photos of you tossing the bouquet and of the lucky girl who catches it.

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