Wedding mission – choosing your party dress and shoes

When my (now) hubby and I decided to get married, it was probably the happiest moment of my life. Not that I am enjoying being that cliché girl who cried when she said “yes” and who spent her whole childhood dreaming of Prince Charming, making a train on her dresses out of toilet paper, but yes – I was that girl and I am so not ashamed of it.

And it’s not just the wedding and the whole excitement about it – I absolutely loved the fact, that is – the realization I am going to be waking up to my wonderful partner in crime till the rest of my life. We are newlyweds and I still get all mushy and sentimental when I think about our wedding day… ah…

Anyway, the reason why I am writing this 3-step tutorial is because I know there are plenty of you love birds out there who are one step away from walking down the aisle yet you feel completely lost as to what to do, how to organize stuff, who to call, how many guests to invite, etc. I was in the same jam, but finally figured it out – which is why I believe my advice will be more than useful!

Here we go:

Make sure the gown and setting match

Us girls usually have an idea of the type of dress we want to wear for our big day but it often turns out this particular dress doesn’t even fit our shape nor the setting we’ve chosen for our wedding.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect dress (be prepared to spend hours and hours trying out various cuts and make sure you hire a stylist who will help you with your choice), make sure the setting matches or the other way around – whichever you find is better. If, say, you are throwing a beach wedding, don’t opt for a heavy, layered wedding dress as it will stand out and look tortured. Or, if you are throwing a theme wedding, don’t show up wearing a classic wedding dress – be one with the theme you’ve opted for. I’d also suggest consulting a wedding planner, those guys saved me!

Prepare another dress

dress Collage

While this may sound as a big expense, it will pay off; I would always advise you have another dress besides your wedding gown, for the party after. This dress should be a simple change of attire, as glamorous or chill as you want it – its purpose is to make you feel pretty yet comfortable for the rest of the wedding, so that you don’t have to worry about stepping onto your train or staining the gown you need to return. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable dancing!

Choose the right shoes

shoes collage

It goes without question that shoes we wear on our wedding day must be absolutely gorgeous and superbly comfy! Otherwise… forget it! Since you’ll be spending the whole day in your wedding shoes, you need to opt for those that won’t make your feet bleed. My advice is you buy custom-made shoes or a pair from a brand you know agrees with your feet. And – buy them a month before so you can wear them around the house a bit before you put them on on your wedding day.

Well, I hope I was helpful! I wish you a lovely wedding, dolls, and remember – love is what will get you through the rough days!

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