Ways you can Move up the Career Ladder…

A commonly made assumption is that to move up the career ladder you must constantly be at the top of your game, work non-stop, and have a cut-throat personality.

Put yourself out there

Be the problem solver. If there is a difficult situation, put yourself up there and step up! Come up with a solution and more people will trust you and instantly respect you more.

Always be professional

If you act like a professional, people will look up to you and take you more seriously. Even on casual days dress professionally and neatly. Act in a professional manner inside and outside of the office. Don’t be boring, just show your colleagues and seniors that you take your job and yourself seriously.

Get Qualified

Developing new skills is vital when climbing up the career ladder. Attaining a new skill by taking a course,  that will help you to enhance your job prospects or even your position in the company. Your employers will be impressed by you taking your career into your own hands. Companies like MSP Training for example have online courses you can take from home that are classed as genuine qualifications.

Create your own opportunities

Identify the challenges and KPI’s of the business. If there is an area that hasn’t been worked on and you have the knowledge in it, create a plan for the position. Even if the directors do not go for your proposal, you have shown your value to the business and that you have initiative.


The benefit of networking is that you will know more experts in the industry. The more people you know, the more likely opportunities will arise. Attend conferences and networking events. No, not for the free wine and a souvenir lanyard. These events show that you are putting in the effort in to learn and take your career seriously.

Ultimately, if your managers and bosses can see that you are a real team player who is a genuine, hard-working, and happy person, they will want to keep you in their company. You don’t have to necessarily be the smartest or the most popular, you just have to have initiative and the want to do well!

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