Be it a regular 9 to 5 job, a casual dinner party, a business meeting, a night out or a wedding function, this 90s trend has never failed to rock the fashion trend. It is because of none other than the fashionable hair accessories available online. The hair clips as the go-to-trend are not just beautiful, but functional and affordable at the same time. Its flexible nature helps one to pair it with any kind of outfit and for any occasion. Therefore, this post is all about the unique ways to incorporate this versatile hair accessory like a fashionista.

  1. Monday to Friday fashion:

Whether it is simple waves, straight hair, or rock the bun look, these hair clips are the one-stop solution when rushing to get ready without ditching the fashion trend. Donning them both sides of the hair partition or one side of the part works well. Adding a sleek clip around the pony also adds the right drama to the business look. For a sophisticated look, a detailed hair accessory on the bun gives the fairly mature look.

  1. For the well-dressed, stylish day:

Follow the magic of hair accessories and include it in any kind of outfit for that perfect casual day. Whether it is shopping day or coffee with your gang, a brunch or a friend’s party, this tiny piece of accessory gives a presentable look to your tresses. Using jumbo clip and securing the twisted hair on both sides of the part, typing the hair in a ponytail and pinning some loose hair on the sides or just securing wavy strands on the sides for that romantic drama works wonders.

  1. For the cool yet bold fashion statement:

If clips had a bold yet chic avatar, this would be the one. A statement or slogan written clips are the trend of the season. The fashionistas can express their feeling through their hair clips by wearing a slogan written statement clips and rock the look. Such clips placed near the ear to secure the strands or at the side of the bun or the ponytail creates the right playful look in seconds.

  1. For a romantic feminine touch:

For a romantic touch to the overall look, hair accessories online play a crucial role in completing the appearance. For a dinner night, a sleek pin with a romantic look just above the ear adds the right feminine touch on the face. For a bigger occasion, choosing the hair clip with heavy embellishments and using it to secure the twisted hair at the back gives the dreamy feel.

  1. Rock wedding look:

The hair clip fashion with details of florals or beads cannot be complete until we pair it with the bridal or wedding look. For a modern yet contemporary reception looks or to rock the dance ceremony, a hair clip switch is the simplest and quickest way to promote an edgy look. Loose strands in the front with twisted hair secured at the back with the hair clip switch can be the appealing hairstyle with the drama on. For a wedding look, a royal-looking heavy embellish switch on one side of the bun complements the appearance in the most classic way.

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