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Getting a tattoo is no joke; after all, it’s going to stay there for life. Indeed, tattoos are a beautiful way to express your uniqueness and individuality but you want your tattoo to be something that’s not only beautifully looking, but something you’ll love till the rest of your life.

As you may know, as we grow up and change, our feelings, opinions and preferences change, too. So, getting a tattoo that represents just a moment in time, a sudden burst of feelings tied to a person or a situation, may not really be worth penning your skin for. Unless that’s your thing – marking your body with situations, periods of life, regrets, people that mean (or meant) something, etc. We’re giving you some key hacks that will help you make your choice.

Do your research

We absolutely understand the hype and wanting to get tattooed the very moment the idea comes to mind, but hold the phone a bit. Make sure you do your research on the artist before scheduling the appointment. You want to see their earlier work, talk to the people who were tattooed by them, check out their overall references, where he/she learned to tattoo, and all other important aspects.

Go meet the artist in person

Once you’ve picked your artist, schedule a meeting and go meet them in person. This is the perfect chance to see if you guys mash, if your personalities match and whether you can understand each other well (at least well enough for you to be able to communicate your vision to them). Further, you’ll see what the tattoo parlor is like, if all things are hygienic and clean, etc.

Don’t price shop

When you’ve met your artist and decided they are the person to trust your body and vision with, don’t start negotiating price; first, it’s kind of sad… second, it’s disrespectful. After all, this person is going to brand your skin with a unique piece of art and that costs money. If you currently don’t have the sum you were talking about, wait a bit until you save up.

Think about the importance of the tattoo

We all have different reasons for getting a tattoo, and you need to have a solid one prior to getting one yourself – that is, if you’re going for the meaning behind the art. The most important step before actually saying your final “yes” to the tattoo is deciding if it’s just for show or if it has actual meaning.

If you are getting tattooed just for the visuality of it, then no need to think about things too much; talk to your tattoo artist about options that read on the skin well, agree with your complexion and make an awesome statement. Most commonly done tattoos of this type are colorful sleeves, cartoon characters, interesting ornaments, foreign language emblems and best tattoos done in symbols or ornamental drawings.

If, however, you’re going for meaning, then choose a design that will be close to your heart, symbolic of the situation/feeling/person you are dedicating it to and go for a unique design. Unless you already have a design in mind, talk to your artist and ask him/her for suggestion on the art you are planning to have tattooed. Tattoo artists are wonderfully skilled and fantastic visionaries – they’ll work with you on getting the sketch just as you want it and then – tattoo it on your skin. Also, think about the placement of your tat (we’d suggest going for the part of your body that won’t be much exposed) and given the size and shape of the tattoo, ask your artist to suggest a place.

Follow the care instructions

Just do everything exactly as advised by your tattoo artist. Every single thing! Don’t skip steps, okay? And – you’ll be good to go.

In the abundance of tattoo designs and ideas, it’s hard to pick something that will represent you. Hopefully, you’ll find your voice. Good luck!

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