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Ways To Defeat Allergies At Home - Likeitgirl

It is a matter of quite a seriousness that with the significant increase in pollution, dirt and dust, and harmful chemicals, we are compelled to inhale foul breath, which is full of injurious and poisonous substances. In this modern era, we are so busy with our hectic work schedule that we don’t have sufficient time to make sure of the excellent quality food, we are being forced to consume synthetic food. Most of us are dependent on chemical products instead of natural homemade items, and these fake products damage our health. 

Necessary precautions must be taken while going out like wearing a nose filter mask to protect from allergies, pollens, and other harmful substances. Other than this you can use some ways to defeat allergies at home. 


Although one feels comfortable on a carpet, carpet is a massive region for dust particles and dust mites. Therefore, It is essential to either keep clean and replace your carpet with brand new and fresh ones or do not go for their use, especially a mat. It’s because an unlaundered and dirty carpet kept in the bedroom or any room of the house acts as a shelter for such pollen, allergens. Also, poisonous substances mixed with the humidity at home create a pleasant and favourable environment for harmful bacteria to stay and live at your home. Always put on a nose filter mask whenever you remove its dust so that it will safeguard your respiratory system.


Experts advise strictly to sleep with your pet or come close to them, because curdling with their hair, saliva, moisture less skin, these are the actual allergens. Do not allow your child below 18 to live in direct contact with your pet if he/she faces running nose and sneezing because it can create more significant chances of getting allergic.                                                                                                                            


Generally, people plant many indoor plants in their bedroom and drawing area, but unfortunately, these plants lack essential nutrients, rainy water, and sunlight. Then it becomes an urgent need to expose them in the dreary winter, rainy day. Spring is the best season to keep them outside; otherwise, they can cause severe irritations to your nose and health as several allergens are found in them. 

Shut Out Breezes

It could be awesome days outside but may contain allergens in it. Before opening the window to swing in the awesome breezes make sure it does not contain harmful substances in it.


An air conditioner is very beneficial; however, a running AC drags away the moisture and dampness present in your house, which is an excellent technique to prevent pollen from staying at your home, but this is possible only when the filter is clean.


Whether inside your home or outside it, pollen allergens are present everywhere. Hence, you can try an invisible pollution mask if you are going out; they would ensure your safety from allergens, else you can use the ideas mentioned earlier to protect allergies.

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