Ways in Which You Can Optimize the Instagram Profile

Instagram has more than one billion active users on their platform and currently, the growth is not going to slow down at any cost. There is more than one reason as to why Instagram is achieving this incredible growth. Any average person is known to turn to the Instagram accounts of other users for accessing remarkable videos and photos. Brands have also started relying on Instagram as the users engage with them in a better manner as compared to the other platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Given below are a few important and interesting ways in which you can optimize your Instagram profile for driving minimum outcomes for your business.

Opting for a business account

You need to understand that as compared to the personal accounts, the business accounts can provide the users with the analytics that is related to the growth of the followers and the performances of a particular post. Business accounts are capable of boosting the content that is being posted with the help of a number of steps.

It also helps in ensuring that your business reaches more audience, irrespective of the post that you are choosing to boost. The business accounts also help the marketers to be flexible when they are looking forward to creating a proper presence on social media, especially on Instagram. Visit stormlikes.com if you are interested in getting real likes from real people.

Using a tracking link

Instagram allows the marketers to share a single URL on their profile, which is why posting a link is more important than you can imagine. There are many marketers who commit the mistake of making use of the non-tracking links on their Instagram profile.

Keep in mind that if your link is not capable of being tracked, you will not be able to know the number of customers and website visitors who are referred directly from Instagram. When marketers use the analytics platform on Instagram, they will be able to see how their users are reacting to the link that is pasted in the Instagram bio.

Uploading multi-grid images

The marketers should ensure that they design their profile in such a manner, which is capable of creating a statement. Undoubtedly, this can be done by creating the multi-grid collage, which is known to form a unique and comprehensible image.

When a particular brand uploads a number of images that cannot be deciphered at a single glance, it will make the followers even more curious. Many followers will even visit the Instagram profile in order to view the complete image.

Try to focus on your followers

There are many marketers who think that only having a huge number of followers is important for creating a profile that is completely optimized. However, the truth is that you need to concentrate on the kinds of followers that you have as compared to the numbers.

The marketers should ensure that they develop a strategy, which is capable of engaging only the potential audience instead of boosting the followers for projecting credibility.


Optimizing the Instagram account is crucial, especially if you are a business. You can follow all the tips that have been mentioned above to optimize your Instagram account in the perfect manner.

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