Balconies are essential elements of our home. They are open areas attached to our rooms in the form of a projecting platform supported by the main body of the building and getting support with the help of columns or consoles. They can also be enclosed with the help of a balustrade which is usually above the ground floor. There are various types of balconies, for example Maltese balconies which are usually wooden closed balcony projecting from the walls. On the other hand, the Juliet balcony is not the type of gallery to protrude outside a building.

Balconies are a significant part of our homes. It is a space in our house, which is not enclosed but plays a crucial role in keeping our homes ventilated as well as allowing plenty of sunlight inside our homes. Balconies are also present in public buildings like sheathes.

balcony waterproofing product
balcony waterproofing product

Usually, balconies are constructed with the help of concrete along with a balcony waterproofing product of asphalt membrane. Although without any more support, these substrates can easily crack under pressure or also erode. To properly waterproof a balcony or the terrace, it is essential to evaluate and choose the waterproof products which are best suited for the existing systems. It doesn’t matter if the balcony is of recent construction or just the maintenance of a present balcony.

Waterproofing Products

At first, before you consider waterproofing your balcony or the terrace, you must evaluate the balcony nooks and corners where treatments is necessary. There are various solutions to this and multiple steps can be followed for the restoration. The water will usually start deteriorating the whole balcony if any faults are causing severe damage to the elements.

At first, it is essential to differentiate if it is necessary to carry out total waterproofing or just the restoration of the current or last waterproofing structure. This distinction will give us a clear idea on the level of the balcony waterproofing product that is needed for intervention. There are various ways in which you can waterproof a balcony. Several products are widely used in this process; some of them are as follows:

  • Waterproof Membrane: These are one of the most commonly used products to waterproof balconies or terraces. These membranes act as a protective layer preventing the water from flowing into the gaps between the layers of the concrete to cause damage to the foundation itself and making ways for more problems. There are various waterproofing products available in the market that are of different price ranges and quality.
  • Tiles: Everyone has heard about tiles. They are very widely used as a building material component. There are various colors of tiles, and you can choose them according to your taste and your wish. These tiles, when putting in place together form a robust and durable exterior layer given that the crevices between these tiles are well-covered with putty or any other sealers to stop the water from leaking down the pipes. This is a very desirable balcony waterproofing product.
  • Sliding Windows: The rain water can accumulate in the balcony after rains. A way of waterproofing the gallery from this rainwater is by using the sliding windows. Putting up sliding windows in your balcony will not only prevent water from coming in but also will allow the gallery to serve its purpose.
  • Plastic Shades: You can also use plastic shades to cover the open space of your balcony to prevent the rainwater from coming in, or you can put a shade on the balcony roof to avoid the splash of rain on the balcony. This is not a foolproof method of waterproofing, but still, it will allow the balcony to remain unenclosed. This is a significant balcony waterproofing product.


Waterproofing the balcony is an essential requirement. This will help to prevent any damage from any water sources. The above skills and techniques will make the balcony waterproofing more easy to perform.

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