Want Your Wedding to Be More Stylish?

You want your day to be beautiful, unforgettable, and timeless. It’s a tall order to ask from one day, but with the right planning, some creativity, and a lot of fun, you can get exactly what you want. A stylish wedding is one that really looks at the details, and knows when to splurge, when to rent, and when to DIY.

Find the Right Venue

The best starting point for any stylish wedding is the venue. A great venue is the launching point and the backdrop for your whole day. It’s more important, even than where you get married. Where you actually say your vows can be a church, which will automatically look beautiful even without additional decorations, a town hall, or somewhere you personally set up. Where you get married isn’t where your focus should be, it’s where your reception will be.

Your venue should also not contain any surprises, so choose an all-inclusive venue that has a set price and, more importantly, no hidden costs or figures. This way, you can budget appropriately and dress it up properly.

Go for the Real Deal and Rent

Renting is a great way to keep costs low during your wedding while still enjoying the real deal. This applies to absolutely everything, right down to your dress or transportation. Hiring wedding dresses is often seen as a faux pas, but the fact is the dress you rent will have been worn just a handful of times, or even never before, if it is new for the season. You can instead rent the dress of your dreams and keep your wedding well within budget.

The same applies to things like decorations or transportation. Go to set dressers and rent the décor that will elevate your design to the next level, or hire a classic car for your wedding from englishweddingcars.com. You’ll get the real deal, you’ll save, and you can have a great wedding.

Add Little Touches for Fun

Little touches are great ways to pull an event together. It is also how you can add personality to even a familiar and popular theme. In terms of where to get these little touches, the answer is everywhere! You can use decorations from home, can ask for help from friends and family, or you can even go to a flea market or shop online. Little touches don’t need to be uniform. In fact, they shouldn’t be! You can do things like put photo frames up of you and your partner (and even all of your loved ones) throughout your reception hall and tables. You can have a different napkin for every guest. You can have unique centerpieces for every table, or alternatively, a fun photo wall with costumes all your friends have brought from their homes.

There are so many ways to delight with details. It’s also how you can combine traditional wedding décor with more personal touches that really make the day about you, your partner, and your closest friends and family.

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