Want To Remove Turkey Neck?? Here Is The Ultimate Solutions

It is almost an inevitable right of passage of getting older. Gravity is not very kind to us and we begin to see the effects of aging through the sagging and drooping of our skin around the different areas of our body. One of the most unflattering looks for aging skin is when the skin around the neck begins to lose elasticity and muscle tone and literally droops and sags to look like a turkey’s neck. This is one of the hardest areas on the body to reverse the signs of aging because we do not use these muscles often, we tend to forget about a routine skin care for the neck and the gravity just seems to weigh it all down. If you feel your turkey neck has reached a point of no return, cosmetic surgery might be the best option for optimal results, but if you are just starting to notice the signs, or you have caught it before it has started to appear, there are some ultimate tips, tricks and solutions for the best way to get rid of turkey neck and keep that smooth and toned, youthful appearance.

Stretch It Out:

Stretching out the muscles in your neck can help to keep your skin tight rather than let it all atrophy and get loose. Do some neck stretches every morning to keep your spine straight, and focus on having good posture. We are often looking down at screens and walking around with our neck’s bent and our skin hanging loosely around our necks. Our posture has become a huge problem in our current culture and there is a new form of turkey neck called “tech neck” which is the similar sagging look but can be contributed to the fact that we are keeping our heads at a bent angle, causing our necks to fold over and crease, stretching the skin and giving it a sagging appearance. Attempt to be mindful of your posture and how often your neck is bent staring at your computer or phone screen. If you are someone who works on the computer often, invest in an ergonomic set up that will help decrease back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and keep your neck straight and elongated. When sleeping, opt for one memory foam contouring pillow instead of two and help to straighten your spine, and keep your body in an optimal alignment while sleeping.

Strengthen Your Muscles:

While it may not be the first to-do on your gym exercise list, taking time everyday to exercise your neck muscles can be key to preventing the skin from sagging and creating that dreaded turkey neck effect. In order to have an impact on your muscles, these gentle yoga exercises should be done daily. Try and work them into your routine by practicing them first thing in the morning. Once you wake up, sit up straight in your bed and smile in six stages. Slowly and intentionally work into a smile and engage your neck while keeping your mouth closed. Repeat this process several times. Secondly, sit back in a chair, with your back straight and slowly lean your head back, elongating your neck, until you are staring at the ceiling. Now leave your head in that position and pout your lips as if you were kissing the ceiling, activating the muscles in your neck that support your head, repeat this ten times. Doing these exercises will ensure that gravity won’t be pulling down on your skin and will keep your neck nice and toned.

Use A Facial Roller:

A facial roller is a quick and easy way to tone up your face and neck. While a quality product can be a bit of an investment, you can use the product and remove saggy skin easily and effectively. They look like a mini paint roller, and they are designed to aid in lymph drainage, increase blood flow and reduce puffiness on your neck which will help to tighten and tone the skin on your neck and chest, helping to prevent the premature aging turkey neck effect. This little efficient roller kick starts your facial muscles like a mini massage, and stimulates collagen and cell growth in those areas. Work this tool into your daily skin care routine for best results.

Tightening And Toning Facials:

Getting help from professionals is the best way to ensure that your investment is getting its money’s worth when looking into anti-aging treatments. A facialist can look at your skin and determine what is the best course of action towards treating your signs of aging. The newest form of anti-aging methods is a Radio Frequency treatment that can prevent sagging and truly tighten the skin on the neck, chest and face, to promote a more youthful appearance. This Radio Frequency treatment works by applying a gentle heat to the deep collagen rich layers of your skin, causing the existing collagen to tighten and stimulates growth of new collagen to continue to keep your skin firm and toned. After a few treatments patients will see a renewed contour of the neck and and improved elasticity of the skin.

Be Diligent With Your Anti-Aging Cream:

We often focus so much on the skin on our face, that by the time we notice the skin on our neck’s to be exhibiting signs of aging, it is often to late to truly reverse it. Our necks contain fewer oils glands and therefor they dry out much faster than the skin on our faces. With this dehydration, the skin on our necks can wrinkle easier and starts to show signs of aging faster. Every time your moisturize and apply an anti aging cream to your face, be sure to concentrate on your neck and chest as well. Apply the cream in sweeping upward motions to promote healthy blood circulation, consistently use the product and remove saggy skin.  Invest in creams with peptides to fight free radicals, Retinol, to help fill in fine lines and wrinkles and natural ingredients to give your skin a naturally healthy glow.

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