Want to buy plants from an online nursery

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid

An online nursery is a place where you can order plants from online websites just like you order your grocery or food from online stores.

It is quite helpful for those who have a hobby for gardening but do not have the time to visit the local nursery shop. But often people make a lot of mistakes when they are buying plants from a nursery online.

As a beginner in gardening, you don’t want to repeat or make these 5 mistakes-

Checking on the species of the plant and finding out whether it is cultivable in your area

Before even ordering any plants you need to check out all the details about the plant species such as ideal weather conditions, humidity, blooming season, etc.

Find out if the conditions in your area are even matching for the natural plants. If not then there is no point buying them as they will soon die due to unfavorable conditions and your investment on the plant will be wasted.

Finding out all the terms and conditions of the online nursery

Check for the various terms and conditions such as what if you find out that you have been sent a different plant from the one you ordered? What if the plant is diseased and already infected with plant viruses? What is the refund process in such situations?

It is better to get knowledge about these in the first place to avoid confusion and altercation with an online nursery. Do check out the disclaimer and terms and conditions page on the website.

Know which plant species will easily grow in your area as per the conditions prevailing

You can say this point as the opposite of what has been stated in the first point.

Instead of searching for the plants individually get to know the conditions that prevail in your area and find out what plants are suitable for growth in your area. You can take help from an experienced gardener or by taking a look at neighbor’s gardens and varieties of plants that they have.

Ensuring to buy the disease-resistant varieties

Buying the disease-resistant variants is a better option if you want the plant to withstand a chance of surviving for a long time.

This is especially important for those who don’t have too much time looking after their plants and have to attend to other work such as going to the office or managing their business.

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