Want to Achieve a GEMS Scholarship? Check the Eligibility First

Education is costly! The gifted ones are frequently compelled to abandon their fantasy schools/universities because of practically zero monetary support. However, no more, GEMS has concocted the biggest grant open door for understudies who need to become famous in their life. 

Pearls targets drawing out the virtuoso in each youngster. To urge their understudies to accomplish the best in their fields of interest, GEMS has numerous classes wherein they offer grants. So whether he/she is a scholastic researcher, a performing craftsman or a skilled athlete, 9GEMS Scholarship got something to offer. At the current day, GEMS offers grants to understudies dominating in five classes. 

Diamonds Academic Scholarships 

These are for the understudies who have reliably been on the highest point of their classes in all subjects for at any rate the most recent 3 years. Understudies who have showed up in any global tests should be in the top 95th percentile to have the option to profit this grant. Different models that should be coordinated by understudies to get the Scholarship is as per the following. 

Current and imminent understudies of GEMS Schools from Year 7 (Grade 6) and are granted scholastic grants dependent on a serious cycle. 

Grants are granted to understudies who have demonstrated their amazing scholastic execution and can be modified according to the upkeep of their presentation. 

The determination of the competitor is subject to: 

  • evaluation of competitor’s application for by GEMS 
  • evaluation of the competitor’s current school full report by GEMS 
  • a verbal and a non-verbal thinking test that should be cleared by the applicant with a decent score 
  • a composed test that will be led by the granting GEMS school 
  • a meeting by the head of the granting GEMS school before his/her last meeting with the GEMS Scholarships Committee 

Innovative and Performing Arts Scholarships 

Diamonds offers Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships to understudies with skilled inventive or performing expressions characteristics. Understudies with grades that place them in the best 70 percentile in their group and a tremendous enthusiasm to dominate in their picked field are qualified to apply for GEMS Scholarships in this class. 

Grants are accessible for current and imminent understudies of GEMS Schools from Year 7 (Grade 6) 

Understudies dominating at performing expressions (eg. dramatization, expressed word, discussing, dance and so forth) and innovative craftsmanship (eg. visual expressions) will be qualified for this grant 

The premise to choose the understudies who will get the grant include: 

  • the appraisal of understudy’s application by GEMS 
  • Diamonds’ assessment of a full report from his/her current school 
  • acknowledgment of the applicant by important worldwide bodies and his/her accomplishments up until now. 
  • the aftereffect of the tryouts led by GEMS 
  • a meeting with the Principal of the granting GEMS school lastly a meeting with the GEMS Scholarship board 
  • Diamonds Sports Scholarships 

Sports grants are for the understudies who have a scholastic evaluation to put them in the main 70 percentile of their group notwithstanding their steady execution in local and worldwide games rivalries for the last 3-5 years. 

Demonstrated athletic capacity, potential, assurance and eagerness and potential to contend at National or International level are sure models that should be met to profit this GEMS Scholarship 

Understudies of GEMS School from Year 7 (Grade 6) and are granted after a serious cycle 

To have the option to profit by the grant program, an understudy should clear the accompanying rounds 

  • The assessment of competitors application structure by GEMS 
  • The evaluation of his/her full report of the current school by GEMS 
  • Result and evidence of portrayal at pertinent games 
  • At last the meetings with the head of the GEMS Schools and the Scholarship Committee 
  • Advancement and Digital Technology Scholarships 

Understudies who exhibit potential to dominate in the fields of development and advanced innovation (eg. coding, computational reasoning, cryptology, application improvement) are qualified for grants in this class. 

He/she should be an understudy of GEMS Schools from Year 7 (Grade 6) onwards 

The full report of the up-and-comer from the current school will be assessed 

Up-and-comer should have the option to effectively exhibit advancement undertaking to the Scholarship Committee 

He/she should clear the meeting with the head 

Arabic Studies Scholarships(Native and Non-Native Speakers) 

There are two unique arrangements of grants offered under this classification. To start with, for the local speakers and the second one for the non-local ones or the ones whose guardians don’t hold Arab travel papers. 

These grants are a subset of the GEMS scholastic grants and are granted to the individuals who dominate and keep up their remarkable execution in the field of Arabic Studies 

These are granted to understudies of GEMS Schools from Year 7 (Grade 6) onwards 

An appraisal of the competitor’s application structure and a full report from the current school is finished by GEMS 

He/she more likely than not scored 95 percentile in the interior or outer Arabic language tests 

They should clear both the composed and oral capability test led by the granting GEMS school 

They should likewise free the rounds from meet with the head and the grant board of trustees 

Further, there’s a little distinction in the rules that should be coordinated to profit both the local and non-local grants 

Local Speakers must: 

  • Have made artistic commitments in Arabic 
  • Have assumed a functioning part in the advancement of the Arabic language both inside and outside school 
  • have worked in the Arabic division at a position of authority 
  • Be an awardee of prizes identified with the Arabic language 
  • Have acted in Arabic before a group of people 

Non-Native Speakers ought to have: 

  • The capacity to impart in Arabic verbally and on paper 
  • capability in the perusing of and tuning in to Arabic 
  • capability in (and has illustrated) capacity to utilize Arabic language both inside and outside the homeroom 

That’s it in a nutshell! For those searching for grants under any of these classifications, there can not be a superior chance. Thus, don’t stand by, register yourselves at the soonest.


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