Want Lusciously Long And Beautiful Hair? These Tips Will Help

Is it difficult to grow hair longer and prettier? Scientists believe that an average person observes hair growth worth 6 inches annually! So, it’s maintaining your beautiful tresses that some long-haired people find difficult. This is because longer locks need special attention as they’re prone to damage and dryness than shorter hair. It’s easier to maintain a luscious scalp when you’re careful about the method you’ve chosen to nourish it. Here are some fabulous tips to grow hair that can even make Rapunzel green with envy:

1. Sleep on a silk pillow

Have you heard of getting fuller tresses while you sleep? Well, it’s possible by changing your pillow and acquiring a silkier one. Sleeping on a soft and smooth pillow prevents your hair from tangling and fissuring during nighttime. So, choosing a better pillowcase promotes the growth of longer hair!

2. Use a heat protectant

Heat protectants shield your lovely tresses from damage. These products – available as oil, spray, or even cream – keep your strands firm, soft, and strong. They prevent the harmful effects of heat styling. However, they can’t defend your hair against other threats such as pollutants rampant in the air.

3. Don’t use a rigid towel

Your curls need gentle handling and tender caressing. Rubbing and stroking your hair with a dry and rough towel will only harm your locks’ smoothness. It may also lead to frizz developing on your head and your hairstyle getting all messed up. So, avoid rubbing your follicles harshly with a shabby towel.

4. Avoid getting blonde

Excessive chemical treatments aren’t healthy for your hair, so you should resist the urge to turn into a blonde. Now, bleaching isn’t necessarily harmful to your luscious locks. If performed by someone other than a professional, this process can damage your hair. Instead, you should retain your natural hair color. A recent survey by All Things Hair revealed that 28.5% of women loved natural hairstyles they inherited from their mothers. So, learn to embrace your natural beauty and hair texture.

5. Oil your hair regularly

Massaging your scalp regularly (twice every week) with oil promotes the growth of long, thick, and strong hair. Different home remedies include using almond, coconut, or lavender extracts for stimulating relaxation and reviving dead hair shafts. Oiling supplies the nutrition your follicles require for better hair growth. You should begin this process by lubricating your scalp and tenderly massaging your head. Then wait for a few hours before washing your hair with some cold water.

6. Trim the damaged curls

What’s the eventual solution to damaged hair? They should be removed since it’s inevitable that some of your hair will break. A few natural elements contribute to damaged tresses, such as heat and humidity. Also, relying on different products and gadgets (e.g., straighteners and blow-dryers) results in losing some of the curls. Trimming these locks stimulates the growth of healthy and fresh hair. It’s best to cut some of the length every two months to promote better hair growth.

7. Keep shampooing moderately

What makes your hair so shiny and silky? It’s the oil lodged in your scalp. And shampooing frequently deprives your tresses off the essential greasing it needs. How often should you shampoo? When there’s no definite answer, dermatologists do warn that only a few folks require daily head-washing. In other words, if you have an oily scalp, daily shampooing is good for you. Also, choose the best product for your head. Avoid shampoos that have ingredients such as lauryl sulfate derivatives.

8. Carefully brush wet hair

Similar to over-shampooing, overwashing your hair harms their strength and lessens the beauty of your tresses. So, washing your head once daily seems proper and harmless. Moreover, water should not be too hot or too cold since the foremost requirement for a shower is moderate temperature. Wet hair is susceptible to damage and breakage. Since exposure to water makes the hair shafts swell and loosen up for quick splintering if combed callously. Thus, it would be best if you handled your curls gently after bathing. Long-haired people should avoid excessive rubbing with a towel or brushing wet hair without drying them first. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right comb.

9. Choose your brush wisely

For long-haired people, it’s essential to select a brush that minimizes friction and prevents any breakage. Since long hair is vulnerable to knots and tangles, regular combing removes these loops and snarls. Using a fiber brush ensures that hair strands don’t get pulled out without exerting any pressure on the roots. Also, avoid brushing when your hair’s damp and humid since your strands will get stretched instead of separated. Tresses drenched in water provide an optimal condition for brushing and combing. Beauticians recommend using a wide-toothed comb. You should also brush before sleeping since it’ll improve blood circulation to your scalp for better hair growth.

10. Your diet matters

Long and beautiful strands don’t just need excellent hair-care products but also the proper nutrients. It will help if you consume essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Protein constitutes a significant proportion of your hair follicles, so its deficiency may lead to hair loss. That’s why you must have meals rich in protein, including egg, fish, and yogurt. Vitamins B, C, and D prevent your tresses from graying prematurely. So, eating tomatoes, almonds, and lots of veggies retain the color of your strands. Just like that, omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a healthier scalp. You should eat more salad and cereal to improve your scalp’s well-being.

Moreover, not getting enough zinc often leads to hair shedding. So, you should have fruits and vegetables to acquire the zinc you’re lacking.


Many factors contribute to a person growing thicker tresses. Genetics isn’t necessarily a deciding factor since your eating habits also affect hair growth. Similarly, your hair-care methods play a significant part when it comes to the health of your luscious curls. Statistics show that an average human sheds 50-100 strands every day. You can control this shedding by choosing the right brush, showering moderately, and cutting off the damaged mane. Your approach to hair-case improves the beauty of your wholesome tresses.

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