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Vitamin C: The Miracle Worker - Likeitgirl

Many people in the world would like fairer skin, not just for the social constructs built around us but even just for the sake of change. So in a world where conditions like skin pigmentation and deterioration have become “normal,” we need a powerful tool to help fix these skin issues and in general, freshen it up. Vitamin C is that miracle worker, and along with skin lightening can also be used to reduce skin inflammation and irregular pigmentation as it is a potent antioxidant while also promoting healthy collagen production. It truly has become one of those one-stop ingredients in skincare that does it all. Utilizing it, you can use a Vitamin C serum for skin lightening purposes.

Can Vitamin C lighten skin?

With all the hype around it, the big question is, of course, does vitamin c lighten skin? The answer to that can be found out by looking at various reviews and research established by professionals on the topic. It has been researched ever since the 2000s, and the results have found out that in the right form and concentration, Yes! Vitamin C is a highly effective depigmenting agent. It has also been noticed that Vitamin c helps keep your skin healthy and its effectiveness on your skin can be enhanced using Vitamin E. All of this comes with the fact that using it has few to none side effects. So you can use a Vitamin C serum for skin lightening without worrying about side effects or doubting its effectiveness.

How Vitamin C affects your skin?

Even though Vitamin C has various roles in our body, it isn’t a very regulated Vitamin and is most people are found to have a deficiency in it. The Vitamin is readily available in oranges, lemons, etc. But pollution, aging and sun exposure have been found to decrease the Vitamin c content of skin and cause it to become dull and hyperpigmented.

These Vitamin C levels can be maintained by having adequate amounts of it in your diet or by applying it directly on your skin externally, which has been found out to be more effective. This means it can be used for cosmetic purposes and can be achieved by using a Vitamin C serum for skin lightening.

Picking the best vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation or skin lightening won’t just make you fairer, it can also make your skin brighter, healthier, and glowing, especially as you start to age. Vitamin C is already present in all layers of the skin and based on what is known about its actions in the skin; it can reduce signs of aging, lighten normal skin and brighten its appearance by several mechanisms like:

  • The color of our skin is determined by the amount of melanin the skin cells make. Vitamin C decreases this production by interfering with the action of tyrosinase (the first enzyme in the pathway that converts amino acid tyrosine to melanin)
  • It also increases Vitamin E in the skin, which helps the skin to make more of the lighter pheomelanin in preference to that darker eumelanin.
  • It helps in cell division and renewal so that the fresh, younger, and brighter cells can appear on the surface.
  • It neutralizes free radicals that damage cells because it is a powerful antioxidant. In turn, it is diminishing the results of natural aging and sun damage, which are a few of the leading causes of hyperpigmentation.

Instability of Vitamin C causes its ineffectiveness

When delivered to the right place in the right concentration, Vitamin C can work wonders, but the real task is to get it there. Natural Vitamin C is unstable when exposed to air, heat, or even light. These changes in the molecule lead to ineffectiveness when using its products.

There could also be other reasons for your serum’s ineffectiveness like:

  • The concentration of the Vitamin is insufficient
  • The Vitamin C derivative is of the type that isn’t absorbed properly or is ineffective.
  • The packaging allows the Serum to be deteriorated and doesn’t protect its build.

How to pick the right Vitamin C serum?

For picking the right product with the best skin lightening and anti-aging capabilities, look for products that have the following:

  • A vitamin C or derivative concentration higher than 10 percent, which provides optimum absorption in the skin
  • A pH level of 3.5 or less
  • Having Vitamin E in it means you increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C drastically as work in synergy
  • The product is packaged as a dark opaque bottle or in individual capsules to prevent exposure from light and air.

Now that you have the perfect guide to pick your Vitamin C serum be sure to use it correctly. Always washing and scrubbing your face to remove dead skin cells before applying the product and massaging it gently. You should allow the product to sit 10 minutes to be absorbed properly and then apply a moisturizer after it dries out. Using the serum in the evening also helps you keep is away from light exposure, and you can always use it multiple times as many as advised by its user guidelines.

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