Vital Duties Of A Sports Podiatrist

A sportsperson cannot be immune to a sports injury, this can be encountered while playing or practicing or otherwise. In case of any injury in the leg, it’s always good to consult a sports podiatrist. They are the medical specialist whose job is to help the sportsperson in the problems related to feet. They also have the capability of treating various injuries occurred during the sports ad they also treat other health issues like diabetes. They are also known as a doctor of podiatric medicine and podiatric physician. Sports podiatrists have the capability of resetting broken bones, perform surgery, ask the patients to go for x-rays, and many other things. There are some countries, which provide licenses to these doctors.

What Do The Podiatrist Do?


These are medical professionals who provide medical and surgical care to people who are facing a problem with ankle, foot and legs.


If someone wishes to make a career in this field, then thy need to have a bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, and biology along with other science subjects. Once you are done with this course, you need to pursue Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree and complete a 3-year residency program. For those who wish to work as sports podiatrist or general podiatrist, it becomes important for them to have a license.

Treatments provided by podiatrists

As we have mentioned above, sports podiatrist tends to treat injuries incurred by a sportsperson. Since the sportsperson needs to get back on the field on time, it’s important that they must be treated well. The treatments provided by a podiatrist are as follows.

Fractures And Sprain

The injuries related to foot and ankle are easily treated by sports podiatrists. They help the athletes in providing medicines related to sports and also let them know the ways of preventing and avoiding such injuries.

Hammertoes And Bunions

These are the problems, which are particularly related to the bones of the feet. Bunion is a condition in which the base of the big toe is damaged due to any reason like tight shoes or hard running. The toe bends towards other fingers. Hammertoes is a condition wherein the person experiences deformity of joints on second, third, fourth and fifth toes. Both these conditions can be problematic for the sportsperson, so if you are encountering this condition, its important that you must visit a sports podiatrist.

Nail disorders

In this type of disorder, nails of the toe and other fingers get infected by fungus. Ingrown nail can also be the cause of nail disorders. Ingrown nail is a condition when the corner of the nail grows inside the toe.


Diabetes is a condition in which body either does not produce insulin.  The diseases have the capability to injure nerves, in the feet and leg and blood circulation in the feet can also become troublesome.


This is a common problem encountered by older adults. There are 33 joints in each foot and physical therapy, drugs, and other things can be suggested by the podiatrist. He may also suggest surgery if no other option works.

Other types of pains

 If the alignment of the toes is not correct in the feet of a child, a sports podiatrist may help in such a case. The podiatrist will suggest various types of exercises or he may recommend surgery.

Wrapping Up

To sum in simple words, if you are facing any issue related to the foot, like pain, improper alignment, muscle pain etc. its time to consult the best sports podiatrist. They ensure faster healing and quick recovery, which is important for every sportsperson.

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