Visit Nityanand Ashram Caves in Bekal for a Tranquil Experience

Kerala is God’s Own Country, not only because of the verdant, lush greenery that you are likely to find yourself surrounded with and the beauty of the expansive Arabian Sea that kisses Kerala’s shores. This state has a very rich cultural legacy that goes back centuries. The rich temple tradition, the multitude of folk dances and art forms, the sporting and martial art forms that have been kept unchanged since time immemorial make this state a wonder and also one of the top tourist attractions of the country. And right on top of the best-loved destinations in Kerala is Bekal in Kasargod district – the fort town overlooking the sea. 

A walk down the beach of Bekal can be an experience to cherish. On the one hand are the teal blue waters of the Arabian Sea, hammering away at the rocky beach with unfailing regularity, and on the other is the towering fort with its majestic ramparts and rich history. It is in very few places on Earth that Nature and Man vie for such attention and reverence, side-by-side. Add to this the swaying palms and the green coconut trees, the laughter and beauty of the locals, and you know you have hit upon the perfect holiday retreat. 

Most of the tourists, both domestic and international who visit Kerala leave with much more than a holiday in the midst of stunning natural beauty. The serenity and peace of the region permeate through each and every person who gets here. It is perhaps this tradition of holistic healing and Ayurveda that lends Kerala its sense of wellness. It is little wonder that tourists are always on the hunt for the best spa in Kerala and the best panchakarma centre in the state. If it is this sense of peace, calm, and joy that you seek, Bekal will not disappoint you. You must head straight to the Nityanandashram Caves, located very close to Hosadurg Fort. This group of 45 caves seem to be located in the midst of complete wilderness. It is here that the renowned monk Swami Nityanananda meditated regularly. These caves are now used regularly by aspiring spiritualists to meditate in absolute peace. The nearby Ashram has a towering panchaloga idol of the Swamiji. It is a serene place where you are likely to find many a likeminded spiritualist for company. Do not miss visiting the Nityanandashram Caves on your trip to Bekal.

Bekal is a many-splendoured destination. It is not all beauty, it is not all spirituality, it is not all luxury. It is the perfect blend of all of these. If you have been looking for the very best hotel in Kerala, chances are you have been referred to one of the luxury resorts of Bekal such as the LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal. From the most breathtaking views to delectable food, from expansive conference spaces to private cottages, from private jacuzzis to a fantastic wellness centre, Lalit offers just about everything tourists look for in a Kerala vacation.

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