Virtual Phone System: A Web Service Tailored to Handle Calls, Voice Mails & Messages for Efficient Business

A Virtual phone system is a simply an internet web based service which does not require any extra hardware devices or the complex cables running all around the offices and thus it can be used by any business whether it is start up or small business or any enterprise. It easily manages all the calls or voice mails through the single number and in result increases the efficiency. There are mainly two types of virtual phone systems as follows:

Types of Virtual Phone System

Firstly, the hosted PBX system and it utilizes PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). There are many companies which still rely on hard lines due to number of telephones and devices but now it is not a smarter choice any more.

Secondly, the most widely used system is the Virtual phone system and it uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). As name indicates, it uses the internet and cloud technology for the internet based virtual phone system service. It integrates easily and works along with the Virtual IP PBX system and the cloud system are highly affordable. The only expense involved here is Broadband charges and the virtual phone service provider’s subscription fee. After that everything else is provided by the virtual phone service provider.

The set of can be done in 3 easy steps and it takes less than 3 minutes as follows:

Three Easy Steps for Set up of Virtual Phone System

·         Buy Numbers- For it cloud based phone system is required which is connected to more than 50 countries around the world.

·         Add Users- Next comes the addition of multiple users on the same or single number.

·         Start Calling- The final step involves the making and receiving of calls around the world.

There are excellent features associated with the virtual phone systems which may include:

Features of Virtual Phone System

·         International Calling

With the help of best cloud based phone system, customers can make or receive calls at much affordable rates without any extra costs.

·         Voice Mail

Customers can drop the message on the voice mail and thus customers will not feel ignored.

·         CRM Integrations

With the integration of CRM, there is no need to dial the numbers manually from the dialer and with the help of Call Hippo’s Cloud based Phone System, “Click to Call” feature and make calls directly without leaving your CRM.

·         IVR ( Interactive Voice Response)

This feature is highly useful for those businesses which have multiple departments. Like when the client calls, different extensions can be set up which directly route that call from the main number to concerned department with the help of cloud based phone system.

·         Professional Greetings

The cloud based phone system provider provides the solution and greets every customer with a professional message of welcome and the IVR directs them to specific departments.

·         Rings all Devices

The virtual phone system service provider has a feature of ringing all devices and when a call is received, it automatically rings all devices on the same time and when of them will answer then rest are disconnected and will get a notification.

·         Call Forwarding

The personal and business phone numbers can be easily categorized and separated which makes call differentiation system easy by the use of virtual phone system.

Virtual Phone Numbers

The virtual cloud system provider can provide instantly virtual local and toll free numbers. When these numbers are catalog together makes the small business looking big and gives it a professional look thus impressing the potential customers.

Thus we can see that with these unlimited advantages and advanced features, customers will surely opt for this virtual phone system in order to increase the business efficiency.

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