Vintage Hijab Fashion Trends To Follow

One style trend that has continued to be popular through the ages is the vintage style. However, in recent years it has surely become a favourite style for celebrities, fashion bloggers and street style divas as well. While there is no single or concrete definition of the term “vintage”, it is generally considered to be a style from the past eras.

This makes the choice very vast but the important thing is to make sure that when you select a vintage outfit then you wear all the pieces from the same era. Here are some of our favourite vintage hijab styles and tips to make sure that you get the best look.

Vintage 80s Clothing

The 80s were all about flashy neon colours so if you’re bold enough, it’s time to put on your neon hijabs. Solid coloured neon hijabs are an instant style statement and give off the perfect funky vintage vibes. You can wear them for casual wear or even for work or college, but especially on dull days since wearing them will instantly lighten up your mood while making your skin glow. They are also highly recommended if you travel a lot since they can be matched with many different outfits and the best part – they look great in pictures!

Coming towards the outfit, these hijabs should be paired with a slogan tee or statement tunic, preferably one that has voluminous sleeves such as frills or lace, along with leggings or long socks. If the weather is on the chilly side, go for bright coloured leg warmers.  If you’re looking for more modest options for the bottoms then go for harem pants or pleated skirts as these too were the highlights of the 1980s.

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Vintage 60s & 70s Style

Paisley prints became immensely popular back in the 1960s and 1970s and to this day these prints continue to be a sign of highly developed personal style and taste for both men and women. It’s pretty easy these days to get your hands on a paisley print hijab and the best idea would be to pair it with neutral shirts and maxi skirts.

If you’re more inclined towards the 70s era then go for bohemian skirts or maxi dresses with extra long sleeves. For a more formal look, you can don your paisley hijabs with a tea dress and some classic vintage accessories like a hat, lace gloves or a cute floral brooch.

The 1900s

When looking for a vintage style outfit that’s suitable for a prom, a wedding or some other fancy occasion, then 1900s is the era to go for. This is also the look to choose if you’re a fan of Titanic as the movie showcased some beautiful Edwardian inspired clothing from this era. You can wear long romantic gowns, lace maxis and flowing skirts.

Those times was all about showcasing your wealth by wearing the finest fabrics such as silk and chiffon. So when it comes to vintage hijabs of this era, we highly recommend silk hijabs that look magnificent with any long gown, robe or maxi dress. This era was about subtle colours so avoid bright shades and stick to modest outfits as the women from these times were seen in very simple and decent outfits with high necklines.


Vintage Hijab Styles

While we’ve already discussed some of the most modest vintage style trends, it is equally important to consider the way you wear your hijab to complement these looks. There are hundreds of different hijab styles you can choose from, but only few of them fall within the vintage fashion category.

One idea would be to wear your hijab so that your earrings are visible and this of course means that you need some vintage earrings that are usually dangling ones with pearls, floral designs or an antique look. If you wear turban hijab then give it a vintage twist by adding a bow knot. Or one of the simplest options would be to wear a black hijab in any style that you like and then top it off by wearing a polka dot or pearl studded headband or bandanna.

Wearing clothing from any of the past eras instantly gives you a feeling of elegance and style. We hope that the tips shared today will help you achieve a great vintage look. Of course one thing to remember is that there are no rules in fashion so feel free to experiment and create your own vintage style!

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