Variant Balsamic Vinegar Nutritional Benefits


Balsamic vinegar is basically originated from Modena, Italy, where there are ample of families who have been using this similar technique since ages. By compressing and fermentation of grapes, balsamic vinegar is ade. It takes ages to get made and sometimes decades. The longer it takes to ferment, the more vivid the flavor becomes and the thicker it turns. Though balsamic vinegar has lots of health benefits, you should not use it for treatment of any medical disease.

In the below section we will discuss some of the balsamic vinegar nutritional benefits in more elaborative way.

  • Maintains Low Calorie – We can use balsamic vinegar to add flavor to any dish without adding much calories. As per USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, balsamic vinegar has 5 calories contained in each teaspoon which is very low in comparison to one teaspoon of olive oil that contains 45 calories. So you can add it in your daily diet to avoid intaking more calories which in turn act as a good alternative to maintain your health.
  • Cholesterol Effects – To maintain blood cholesterol level, balsamic vinegar is very beneficial. Low-level lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol is very dangerous cholesterol for human health as they choke up arteries that cause clogging issues. But if you start using balsamic vinegar in your daily routine then such chances would be reduced.
  • Maintains Blood Pressure – Blood pressure is basically quantity of force that your blood places on the arterial walls. As balsamic vinegar lessens the atherosclerosis and hardening of arteries and also helps in minimizing the blood pressure level.
  • Maintains Blood Glucose – Balsamic vinegar contains very low glycemic index. It categorizes the food based on how much they affect the sugar level in blood. Food that contains low glycemic index foods makes your glucose level goes slightly higher and then gradually it goes back to its normal level over a period of time. If the food contains higher glycemic like heavy treats then it causes a spike in your blood sugar, and once this spike happens your glucose drops below its original level. If you consume low glycemic food like balsamic vinegar then it gives you a satisfactory feeling for a longer period of time. If you are diabetic then you must check the amount of balsamic vinegar you consume, though it’s a low glycemic food but it does contains sugar.

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