Corrugated cardboard boxes are high-quality corrugated boards which consist of layers of fluted material. They are generally used in packaging industries for storage and shipping purpose. Before choosing the right kind of packaging material, it is necessary to understand what type of packaging is required.

Corrugated cardboard storage boxes are sold in a variety of types – single facing, single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall. Here in this article, we will be concentrating on design, mechanism and use of Double-walled cardboard boxes.

double wall cardboard boxes

Design of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double-wall cardboard boxes are constructed using two layers of fluted material along with liner board in between. They are strong as compared to single wall cardboard boxes. They are strong enough to tackle the burden even when other boxes are stacked on it. They are more rigid, that will let you stack and store all your stuff for a longer time.

Cardboard boxes are made using recycled material, and so is double wall cardboard boxes. The only difference is that double wall boxes have more material to recycle.

Use of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated double wall cardboard boxes are best suited for heavyweight items or items that demand more care. Double fluting adds extra protection and strong cushioning effect. This helps in absorbing any shock during any point in time.

Businesses and industries that more often use double wall cardboard boxes are:

  • Home décor retailers and furniture manufacturers.
  • Companies, manufacturing and selling heavy-weighted equipment such as gym equipment.
  • Automobile and auto components industries.

Apart from these, businesses that deal with jewellery and trinkets, glassware, electrical goods and delicate clothing also use double wall cardboard boxes for shipping their products.

Heavy products require extra consideration and meticulous planning and with double wall cardboard boxes, you can be sure about heavyweight products protection.

How to secure Double wall boxes?

Apart from selecting the right kind of cardboard box, selecting a good securing material for double wall cardboard boxes is equally important. Standard sealing tape might not work well with double wall cardboard boxes. Therefore, it is advisable to use a tape that has good adhesive property and work well with double wall cardboard boxes. The board is too thick and strong, for a sealing tape to stick reliably.

Certainly, double wall cardboard boxes are not the only best cardboard boxes. Single wall and triple wall are also very good packaging material. The only difference is that each has got its strength and capabilities. Choice of the box depends upon the brittleness of the component to be shipped or stored.

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