If you own antique items, you must be interested to know the worth of your collection. Antique Valuations is essential for various reasons, including insurance, probate or family division. It also helps you in seeking the best price when selling your pieces.

You might be having old paintings lying in your attic and the good news is that they can have great value. Prestige Valuations is a leading appraisal company that offers Art Valuations service. They have expertise in all types of valuation, including jewellery, antiques, art, handbags, furniture and watch valuation.

They also offer an online antique valuation if you are looking for a hassle-free service from the comfort of your home.

We have listed a few useful tips on how to value your coveted items.

Do Proper Research 

It always pays if you do your homework well. The internet can be your starting point. You can also visit a nearby library to check out some antique products related magazines and catalogues. For painting valuation, you can refer to the work of various artists of the era your artwork is from.

Also, you can check out online auction sites. Even the relevant groups on social media can be of some help. You can find like-minded people who can give you some idea. Antique enthusiasts are experts and have knowledge and experience to give you an estimated price.

Try to find out as much information as possible. This will ensure that you can get the price as per the worth of your antiques without being cheated. You get a high or low price depending on the demand for the item in the market.

Check out the Maker’s Mark

Maker’s mark is very important to prove the authenticity of the piece. Use a magnifying glass to check out the mark. From this mark, you can find out where and when the item was made. And what is the quality of metal used to make it? This mark ensures that you can get a better price in the antique market because its authenticity is accredited.

Antique Valuation

Seek expert’s advice to know the true value of your antique collection. An experienced valuer can guide you and give you a certified document about the worth of your coveted pieces. The document will also have the images of the item and all other relevant details.

Prestige Valuations is the UK’s leading company that offers a wide range of services. They provide antique valuation, jewellery, watch, bags and furniture valuation too. They are also into bespoke jewellery and even offer repair service. You can get your items appraised from the comfort of your home using online service or call an expert at your home.

Discuss with Antique Dealers

You can search for some antique shops and dealers nearby and get an idea about the price they are ready to offer. Also, find out some local antique enthusiasts who collect such priceless items. They would have experience in guessing the worth of your collection.

Keep the Items Intact

Remember one thing, damage or repair marks can impact the price of the items. You will be offered a lower price for a damaged or repaired piece, so make sure your items are kept intact.

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