Use Vintage Pieces to Achieve the Perfect Style

In order to create a stylish and unique personal environment, all you need to do is check out your local flea markets, thrift shops and garage sales. These days, vintage pieces have made a comeback and can make your home look truly incredible and personalized. However, precisely because this trend has been very popular recently, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities. After all, it’s necessary to create balance and harmony in your home regardless of your preferred décor style. So, if you’ve been wondering how to incorporate vintage finds into your own home, keep on reading.

Wall decorWall decor

If you have a bunch of vintage elements with a similar theme, whether it is a design or a color, and they fit perfectly together, you can use them as a wall display. A wall gallery made of grouped, vintage finds is definitely one of the best ways to add a touch of personality to your home, without going overboard. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to wall galleries only. For example, if you like a warm, cabin-style décor, vintage tapestries may look absolutely amazing, and they go perfectly well with the Scandinavian style. Moreover, intricate frames and paintings can be matched to any décor trend, as long as you pay attention to the balance.

Shelf display

Another way in which you can incorporate the vintage décor trend is by displaying your collectibles. If you have a tendency to collect vintage china, figurines, and other details that make you happy, you can display them on a shelf or some other surface in your home. Of course, shelves filled with vintage books are definitely the most popular way to add warmth to your home since the covers and bindings look absolutely amazing. You can easily put up floating shelves on your own if you like, but if you manage to find a vintage one at the flea market, that’s even better!

Complementary colorsComplementary colors

If you want to make sure that the color combinations in your home match the vintage vibe nicely, mix and match complementary colors. Of course, contrasts and patterns are more than allowed. However, always try to balance the vibrant part of the look with more muted and toned down shades for the best effect. If you want to play with color combinations all over the room, you may want to balance the whole space with a more neutral color scheme as well. That way, your vintage pieces, such as decorative cushions, covers, curtains and rugs, can look even more prominent.

Mix things up

Mixing and matching different styles, as well as the old pieces with the new ones, is a go-to design direction for a vintage lover. Of course, when you mix and match different furniture styles, pay attention that the pieces have at least one thing in common so that they look truly stylish together. The best way to incorporate vintage items in your home is to avoid singling them out. For instance, if you really like that rocking chair with a seat cushion you found at a garage sale, you can use it to add texture to your room. You may want to find additional cushions or materials with a similar design.

Statement pieces

It’s fairly easy to make use of a vintage statement piece. This can be something truly spectacular that you want to hang on a wall, such as an antique-looking clock or display pieces, such as old radios and gramophones. One of the best ways to create a true statement in your home is by using vintage chandeliers. If you like vintage bargains, you know that lighting solutions in this style can be absolutely amazing. If you want to light up your home and decorate it at the same time, call your electrician from Sydney and make your home truly special. Remember, you can always call for 24/7 electrician services so that you don’t have to wait long after grabbing your vintage treasure.

Statement pieces

Balance and harmony are essential both in life and interior décor – but only in a way that suits you personally. Therefore, don’t fear your own interior designer. Once you start decorating with vintage pieces, make sure that you feel great about the styling decisions you made. In the end, this is your paradise.

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