Paraben free face serum is a skincare product used by thousands of people on the skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin pores. The serum is particularly suited to this task because it is manufactured with small molecules that can absorb easily into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them an essential product for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, signs of aging, dull & dry skin!

The serum is a moisturizer because it is chock with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides to keep skin healthy. But they are not same like traditional moisturizers. Jasmine Face Oil, creams and lotions are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in.

Is serum right for your skin?

Probably, check the ingredients before buying it. If you’re…

Acne-prone- Look for vitamin C face serum (enhances skin’s repair process, collagen production, and reduced inflammation), retinol also an antioxidant ingredient, zinc (soothes skin allergies, regulates oil production) and salicylic acid (unclogs pores).

Dryness- Look for Vitamin E Alcohol-free toner (an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage), glycolic acid (gently exfoliates and lightens discoloration), niacinamide (improves skin ceramide levels, elasticity).

Dullness: Look for antioxidants face serums that include green tea, resveratrol, ferulic acid that gives you free radicals, increase the effectiveness of sunscreen by day, and promote cellular repair and healing by night.

Note: Serums are super potent; more is always not better so be careful before piling it on. Powerful ingredients may cause irritation to sensitive skin. Always patch-test accordingly.

However, a top-brand serum is able to hydrate the skin more effectively than even the heaviest creams. The molecules present in it are able to truly perforate the skin and hydrate on the deepest level, while the heavier face creams more so sit on those top layers. Hydrating serums do not necessarily replace your moisturizer but also increase the hydrating effects of your moisturizer said celebrity Karee Hays.

Most of the alcohol free toner contains topical antioxidants including Vitamin A, C, and E. They also contain topical retinoids and ingredients that even out skin tone. When layered deepest, good-quality face serums act as a targeted treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation and redness stated by Dr. Angela J Lamb, a certified dermatologist and associate professor at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai’s dermatology department.

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