uPVC: An excellent Substitute to Wood

Conventional wooden doors and windows were acclaimed across the globe because of the various designs, styles, and unmatched strength. Wood is renowned for adding a rustic look and lending a vintage charm to your house. Available in elegant curve designs, they had become the customary front door. Also, proper varnishing and maintenance increase their life-span to 40 years. With the strength of timber, elegant designs and styles, and a long-life span, they were at the epitome of their time. As time passed, technologies evolved and with it came better and superior innovations. They were stronger, more elegant-looking and could be recycled again and again. These exemplary features soon met global acclamation and overthrew the monopolist from business completely.  

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uPVC doors and windows emerged as a substitute of wood that, contrary to the vintage look, give your house a modern makeover. With unmatched features like soundproofing and heat resilience, they took over the market and put an end to the demand for the wooden windows and doors. Mentioned below are 5 reasons why you should choose uPVC products instead of wooden materials: 

Low maintenance required

The fear of rotting is always associated with wooden doors and windows. Wood requires cleaning, painting and varnishing periodically to prevent untimely weakening. On the other hand, uPVC doors and windows are rot-resistant. Once installed, they do not require any further attention. In order to make it appear more appealing, regular cleaning to get rid of the dirt is sufficient.

High durability

uPVC doors and windows might look fragile which is not the case in reality. They are highly resilient and survive all weathers without the bother of corrosions. With a life span of around thirty years, it does not require any repainting or high-maintenance, uPVC doors and windows are surely more durable than wooden products. Double or triple glazed uPVC windows are very strong and are competent enough to prevent burglars from breaking-in.

A smarter choice

The unique ability of uPVC doors and windows to trap the heat inside the room makes them a prudent choice. They have the ability to maintain a stable temperature indoors, irrespective of the weather conditions outside. This creates a comfortable environment inside and thus reduces the energy consumption by appliances like air conditioners or heaters. Compared to wood, they are better insulators that can help in saving a significant amount of energy. A reduction in the energy consumption also reduces the expenditure.

Build your silent paradise in the middle of the commotion

If you dwell next to a busy street, you can relate to the continuous disturbance caused by the perpetual commotion from the busy street. The never-ending disturbance interferes with the sleep and eventually exhausts you invariably. Various uPVC windows and doors manufacturers like AIS Windows have come up with the perfect solution; soundproof doors and windows. These modern doors and windows are manufactured to perfection and do not leave any gap while they are closed; thus, do not allow sound to enter the room. Now, you can happily enjoy a good night’s sleep.   


The future for Green Construction

uPVC doors and windows are coveted around the world for being environment-friendly. They are an important initiative to bring green to the urban population. After completing their life-span of 30 – 40 years, uPVC doors and windows can be recycled up to 10 times resulting in a total life expectancy of 300 – 400 years. Also, they free of lead and other hazardous substances. This is one of the most essential steps to bring harmony between humanity and nature in the urban society.   




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