Upgrade your Wardrobe with Luxury Consignment Online Store

Are you planning to upgrade your wardrobe? You can now have an addition of designer men’s clothing. The idea sounds to be beyond the reach of what your wallet allows? It need not be the case while shopping with Luxanthropy, a luxury consignment online store which offers a host of designer clothes for sale. At our online store, you can shop for designer labels at prices which are much less than what you would have imagined for a designer piece of clothing.

At our store, we have reuse designer clothing of various brands and designer labels. There are different styles on offer, ranging from chic latest fashion for teenagers to stylish corporate wear. The clothes that we have on our store are contributed by various fashion experts. We take utmost care in procuring them from reliable sources, and curate it at our end to ensure that when we list a garment on our luxury consignment online store, it is a product of the highest quality.

Choice is not a constraint at Luxanthropy with we being associated with various contributors. A wide variety of brands are available on our luxury consignment online store like Armani, Versace, Hugo Boss, Gucci, etc. among others. Apart from garments, our online consignment includes various accessories like shoes, wallets, belts, sunglasses, etc. which would complement well with the designer clothing or are a unique piece of dressing on their own.

Our cufflinks, scarves, pocket squares, etc. from various designer brands complement well with a designer look for the corporate wear. If you have any big day in your mind, you can check out the designer outfits and accessories which you can buy at a much lesser price and still have the designer look for the big day.

By purchasing designer clothes from us, you are also making a conscious choice of saving the resources needed to manufacture new clothing. This would have a positive impact on the environment and enables responsible consumerism. Therefore, you are not only getting high-priced designer clothing at an affordable price, but also being a part of a positive change. While you make this choice of purchasing resale clothing and accessories, we also have a commitment to fulfil – to offer you the best of choice as any other new clothes sale store, so that you can rely on us to upgrade your wardrobe with high-quality designer clothing.

There is another advantage of purchasing at our luxury consignment online store. We are committed to philanthropy and want to contribute towards the society through the sale of luxury garments. Every sale that we make on the luxury consignment, we donate a share of it among the multiple charities that we have partnered with.

You can check out or website luxanthropy.com to know about the various charities that we are partnered with. In an attempt to upgrade your wardrobe, you would be contributing towards upgrading the world around you through our unique platform where luxury and philanthropy meet at the cross roads.

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