Rajasthan was once known as Rajputana or the land of the Rajputs. This is a place which is enriched with history and full of magnificent forts. Those who love to visit history of India; they must pay a visit to this state of India.

Though there are a lot of places to explore in Rajasthan but some places are less explored but are hidden gems of the state. Here are some exquisite places to visit when in Rajasthan:


This place is located in between Udaipur and Jaipur and this one is less explored though it has a magnificent palace and a manmade lake cascading down the mountain side. It is a very small and quiet city and it was once the capital of a major princely state during the rule of Rajputs. The people of Bundi were said to remain independent even under the British rule and became a part of Indian only after 1947. This place is also famous for miniature paintings and the Bundi palace hoards a great collection of them. The palace is a supreme example of Rajputana architecture and it has a magnificent Elephant Gate which was built at the entrance in the year 1607. Once one enters the palace, they can get to see a lot of colourful paintings. In fact, here miniature paintings are so popular that one can easily paint a miniature peacock or an elephant on their fingernail. This place is also known as the step well city which is locally called Baori which was built in 550 AD. This place was the refreshing space for bathing and cooking especially for women.


This place is a short ride at the west of Baroli and here the fort stands at a height of 200 feet. This fort stands above the Chambal River which is crocodile infested. The fort has been turned to a heritage hotel now and people can stay here for their holidays. This place is surrounded by a small village which has rainbow coloured houses.


This fort place is located almost 50 kilometres away from the city of Udaipur and this one is said to be the most fascinating forts in Rajasthan because of its 25 miles long walls (which is said to be the second largest continuous wall in the world after the Great Wall of China). This fort is located at an isolated spot and is surrounded by nothing other than the rugged Aravalli Mountains which is said to be the oldest mountain in the world. This is a huge complex which has more than 350 temples, 700 canon bunkers, a village and a palace.

Ranakpur Temple

This is also located near Kumbhalgarh and is one of the most beautiful Jain temples of India. This temple is built up with white marbles and it has 1444 pillars with some exquisite designs.

These places can be easily explored when one can book a train ticket and reach these places. Booking tickets are easy these days and for food on train one can check on e catering services.

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