Unlock your creativity during Lockdown and celebrate a special Birthday!

Birthday is perhaps the most awaited and special day for anyone of us, in the entire year. On birthday, we start our personal year’s beginning with new goals, and new determinations, new dreams and we move ahead to lead another beautiful year of their life. So, on this day, one deserves to get a lot of wishes, surprises and blessings, in the perfect way. If it is our dear one’s birthday, then we usually plan a lot of things beforehand such as going out on dinner, throwing a party in a disc, going on trips, celebrating birthday with a great gathering, and many more. But unfortunately, the ongoing Lockdown may become a hindrance while we think about a perfect birthday celebration. We certainly can’t plan for a gathering or partying in restaurants, keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. However, there is a popular saying, “When there is a will, there is a way”! And now is the time, we can actually unlock our hidden creative potential to enjoy the special days even during this lockdown. You can think of many amazing way to wish your dearest a wonderful birthday, even if you are not there with them together! Here are a few tips on how to plan for a perfect birthday celebration during these days, without having to expose to any risks of infection.

Video Call your friend and sing a song for him or her:

These days video calls are must to keep ourselves in touch with our loved ones. Don’t bother if your voice isn’t too good to be a singer for your friend or family member. But be sure, you are singing straight from your heart. This would probably add to the fun. Call your friend and sing that song in a group that you know will make him or her smile. You can even write a song and compose it if you can. Whatever you do, is all for making their day a memorable one. Make sure that your song conveys the love and affection for him from your heart, because it is not just about the tune, your voice or the music but the words they would listen to and understand the emotions hidden in it.

Send birthday messages with beautiful quotes and wishes

There are millions of birthday quotes available online and if you want to send happy birthday messages, make sure you select some very touching and emotional ones. You can compose a text, poem, story or note to tell your friend how much you value him/her and how you wish their desires are fulfilled.

Make a video collage

Advanced technology can actually help you out in many situations. In this lockdown period, use your talent in handling software and gadgets and make a video collage for your dear one who is going to blow birthday candles soon. You can add pictures, and wishes from their family member’s and friends’ video as well!

Send some online gifts:

Gifts are the reflection of our care and emotions for a close one. Birthday without gifts is just unimaginable. It is up to you, if you can afford an expensive gift or if not, any simple gift given from heart can also make the day special for him or him. Some amazing gifts that can come in your budget are enlisted on the website of MyFlowerApp.Com. Avail of the online personalized gift, online flowers and gifts delivery in any part of the country, and outside the country through this retailer.

Fulfill one of their wishes if you can:

If your friend has an unfulfilled wish, a perfect birthday memory could be to fulfill it. Doing this creates two impressions; that you were always listening to them, and that you’re a wonderful person. Your friend will immensely value this.

Send a shout out to the local radio station:

Radio FMs are one of the most favorite pastime for people these days. There are many programs in which they take our request and play a song. You can choose this brilliant idea to wish your close one. This way, you can actually make them happy without even visiting, or spending a single penny.

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