For girls, mehndi is one of the most beautiful elements of their getup. It is also said to be the sign of love between the groom and the bride. That is the reason why girls have been putting mehndi on their hands since ages. But with the time, mehndi styles also have changed. Best Mehndi artist in Ludhiana are perfectly applying the latest mehndi styles that can be seen in their work. So, inspired by them, here we have listed up some trendy designs of mehndi, take a look!!

  1. Modern Mehndi Design with Arabic Touch

In this, the new style of Arabic design is applied with the old mehndi style. This mehndi design will look fabulous on the back of your hand instead of the palm. You can try designs of bracelets for having fresh and unique mehndi design.

  1. Portrait of The Bride and The Groom

It is an old mehndi design to draw the bride and the groom in the mehndi but you can make it different by drawing little caricatures and cartoon figurines. It will give your mehndi a fashionable look.

  1. Trendy Mehndi Design with Hashtag

Without the hashtag, no post is complete on social media. So, these hashtags are trending in mehndi designs too. Couples are creating hashtags for their wedding and drawing it into the mehndi. It seems like a brilliant idea … right?

  1. Same Design for Both Hands

If you like everything to be aligned and exact, then this design is for you!! Go for these symmetric mehndi designs that include the same designs of both the hands. It gives the mehndi a geometrical touch for enhancing its beauty.

  1. Initials of The Bride and The Groom

Initials of the groom and the bride in the mehndi design are trending nowadays. It looks beautiful to see that design in the middle of the palm. This is a crazy but modern style of bridal mehndi.

  1. Fun Mehndi Designs

Today, brides are not shy at all!! They are bold and enjoy every event of their wedding full of their hearts. If you are also the same, then you can try a little something fun to your mehndi like adding some trendy phrases!!

These are some trending bridal mehndi designs you should be updated about. So, pick the latest one to rock the wedding!!



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